Crystals have been used for thousands of years to relieve symptoms as well as to protect and attract good energy and provide protection against bad or heavy energy. See the selection of my carefully selected, high vibrating crystals.

I invite you to make your own experiences with the crystals and use your intuition and aesthetic sense as a guide when choosing your crystal, bracelet or necklace.


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Tourmaline quartzTourmaline quartz
Tourmaline quartz Sale price69,00 kr
Black labradorite
Black labradorite Sale price29,00 kr
Amethyst polishedAmethyst polished
Amethyst polished Sale price35,00 kr
Malachite polished
Malachite polished Sale price29,00 kr
Hematite polished
Hematite polished Sale price39,00 kr
Rainbow fluorite polished
Rainbow fluorite polished Sale price39,00 kr
Rainbow fluorite pocket stoneRainbow fluorite pocket stone
Save 10,00 kr
Obsidian raw Obsidian raw
Obsidian raw Sale price19,00 kr Regular price29,00 kr
Celestite clusterCelestite cluster
Celestite cluster Sale price129,00 kr
Blå agatBlå agat
Blue agate Sale price325,00 kr
Rose quartz polished
Rose quartz polished Sale price29,00 kr
Rhodonit lommestenRhodonit lommesten
Rock crystal Sale price19,00 kr
Tigerøje lommestenTigerøje lommesten
Rock crystal Sale price29,00 kr
Raw quartz pendantRaw quartz pendant
Raw quartz pendant Sale price49,00 kr
Mos agat
Moss agate Sale price39,00 kr
Save 10,00 kr
Rå bjergkrystal - lommesten
Raw rock crystal - pocket stone Sale price19,00 kr Regular price29,00 kr
Blå Apatit
Blue Apatite Sale priceFrom 29,00 kr
Ametyst lommesten
Amethyst pocket stone Sale price19,00 kr
Ruby Sale price49,00 kr
Save 9,00 kr
Smaragd Calcit
Emerald Calcite Sale price10,00 kr Regular price19,00 kr
Rock crystal - polished Sale price15,00 kr
Pyrite Sale price99,00 kr
Pyrit - lille
Pyrite - small Sale price49,00 kr
Gul calcit
Yellow calcite Sale price29,00 kr
Selenit stykkerSelenit stykker
Selenite pieces Sale price20,00 kr
Rose quartz crystal
Rose quartz crystal Sale priceFrom 59,00 kr
Selenite heartSelenite heart
Selenite heart Sale price99,00 kr
Amazonite Sale price39,00 kr
Chevron amethyst tipChevron amethyst tip
Chevron amethyst tip Sale price119,00 kr
Turkey Sale priceFrom 25,00 kr
Ametyst klynge

What are crystals?

Crystals are small, crystal-clear structures made up of a mineral. They are formed from compound atoms that are arranged in a certain symmetrical structure. Crystals are unusual, beautiful creatures that come in many different colors, shapes and sizes.

Feel the magic of crystals

Crystals are wonders of nature, known for their dazzling beauty and unique properties. These natural treasures come in many different shapes and sizes, each with its own fascinating history.

How crystals form

Crystals are formed below the earth's surface, i.a. through magma and water, resulting in their breathtaking structures. These tiny, crystal-clear creatures are a testament to the power and complexity of nature.

Therapeutic properties

Many people look to crystals for their healing power, as they can help balance the body's energies and promote a sense of calm and well-being. Each crystal carries its own unique energy and effect, making them a popular tool in spiritual practice and self-care. See my guide: Crystals for anxiety and stress .

Since ancient times, people have been drawn to the beauty and magic of crystals, using them for healing, protection and spiritual growth. These wonderful creatures from nature have a special radiance that can make anyone feel enchanted.
Smaragd Calcit

The many beautiful colors of the crystals.

In the enchanting universe of crystals, there is a rainbow of colors, each with its own special energy, meaning and influence on the 7 chakras .

Explore my large selection of crystals, where you will find everything from bracelets and necklaces to spikes , pendants and other crystal jewellery .

How do you cleanse your crystals?

To preserve the magic and energy your crystals hold, it is important to clean them regularly. Thus, negative energies are removed and the pure vibrations of the crystals are restored. There are various methods of cleaning your crystals – from rinsing them under running water to placing them in moonlight or using selenite .

My most popular crystals

In my large collection are some very special crystals, which with their unique energies and beauty have found a special place in many hearts. These crystals are popular for their stunning appearance, but also for their deep spiritual meaning and ability to support us on our personal and spiritual journeys. My favorite crystals include:

  • Amethyst : Known for its calming energy and ability to promote clarity and spiritual growth. It also provides protection and cleans.
  • Citrine : The stone of the sun that brings joy, abundance and positive energy into our lives.
  • Rock Crystal : The ultimate healer and enhancer of energy that clears the mind and opens up intentions. Increases contact with the spiritual and the universe.
  • Tiger Eye : Gives courage, protection and strength, and helps us stand firm in our truth.
  • Rose Quartz : The stone of unconditional love that gently heals the heart and invites love in all forms.
  • Lapis Lazuli : One of the oldest and most respected energy tools that promotes creativity.
  • Obsidian : Shiny black luster that symbolizes grounding.

    Explore my large selection of crystals, where you will find everything from bracelets and necklaces to spikes, pendants and other jewellery.
Topasjade krystal armbånd - børn

Good crystals for children

Introducing children to the enchanting world of crystals can open up a journey of discovery and spiritual connection. My sweet topaz-jade bracelet for children is the perfect start for the little ones to explore and connect with the beauty of nature. Here you can delve deeper into how crystals can enrich children's lives .

Which crystals suit your zodiac sign?

Crystals and stones come in a multitude of varieties, each with its own unique properties and benefits. By starting from your zodiac sign, you can find the crystals and stones that harmonize best with your personality. This can help support your strengths and tackle any challenges.

You can read further explanations of how crystals and zodiac signs complement each other in my guide: Crystals and zodiac signs .

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Discover the beauty and energy found in nature's most magical creatures - crystals!

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