Skriftlig clairvoyance

Get answers with a personal Angel Card reading

Would you like to know what messages the universe and the angels have for you? Then you can get a personal angel card reading from me. I use several different sets of angel cards and at the same time use my clairvoyant abilities to give you the answers and messages you need.

You can choose to either ask 1 or more questions, or let the universe bring the messages and messages that are important to you here and now, as well as for the coming months.

With angel cards you can ask about everything between heaven and earth, you can get advice and guidance, and get answers to any questions you may have.

Prices from DKK 400.00

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Here's how you do it:

1. Book your appointment via my online booking

2. In the notes field, after you have booked your appointment, write down your questions. Make them as specific as possible.

3. If you want, you can send a similar, recent picture of yourself to - I use that to tune in to your energy.


If it is easier for you, you can instead book your appointment via and pay via Mobilepay to the number: 888122

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Others say so


Warm and present! 5 stars from here. Spot On!

Warm and present person, even through Zoey's emails... can highly recommend using Zoey and this is certainly not the last time I will make use of her abilities.


Zoey is a loner who can be HIGHLY recommended.

I have been to a lecture by her where I felt so comfortable that I felt safe asking for help in clarifying a question. I have not regretted that


I got answers to 3 clairvoyant questions today - absolutely fantastic.

It's crazy to see how much she hits the spot! Even though it was done by email, she was incredibly present and welcoming. I am very satisfied

What are angel cards?

Angel cards are a set of usually 44 or 78 cards, which are very similar to the principles behind tarot cards, but the motifs, the messages and the way they are structured are a little different. There is a sea of ​​different sets, with different images, designs and themes.

There are ordinary angel cards with 44 cards, and then there is angel tarot, which is structured very similar to the tarot cards that most people know - namely with 78 cards and the Major and Minor Arcana. Each card contains an illustration and a message, in the form of text.

It is a concrete way to get messages from the universe and the higher dimensions, by using angel cards. The cards provide greater clarity and insight, and help guide you on the right path in a positive and loving way. Try drawing an angel card yourself for free.