Reiki healing

The word Reiki itself is Japanese and means a universal (Rei) energy (Ki). Reiki healing is a gentle, loving and at the same time very powerful form of energy healing. Reiki can heal many different types of defects and injuries and create calm, balance and harmony in body and mind.

The Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui has passed on Reiki in the traditional form, and the Usui Shiki Ryoho system that I work with means that your energy system is cared for.

In Reiki healing, the universal, healing energy is channeled down through the healer's body and out through the hands. The energy is universal and this means that I will not drain myself, or transfer negative energy from me to you, or vice versa.

Choose the Reiki healing that suits you

Reiki healing is something that all people can enjoy and benefit from.

The gentle Reiki energy can help anyone who needs it and is an effective tool that finds where your body and mind need it most.

Reiki Healing

Healing: First session - 90 min.

DKK 750.00

Reiki Healing

Healing: Subsequent session - 75 min.

DKK 650

Reiki Healing

Remote healing

DKK 600

How does a Reiki healing

I offer both physical healings and remote healings. If you are curious about remote healing, read more here.

If it is your first time for physical Reiki healing with me, we start with a short talk about why you are here. It can be for physical or psychological reasons, or it can be that you just enjoy the peace and want to receive healing gifts, such as more peace, balance and energy.

The session then continues on the bench. Here you lie with clothes on and possibly a blanket over you. I recommend that you lie with your eyes closed and possibly a small eye pillow so you can be more relaxed and enjoy the treatment even more.


Number of treatments - clipboard

A single healing session usually cannot stand alone - but it will never hurt to settle for a single treatment every now and then. However, I recommend that you preferably plan to receive healing continuously, or a minimum of 4 treatments in a row, over as few days as possible. This helps the energy integrate into your system and help you far better. Some experience improvement after a single healing session, while others especially experience that several treatments are needed. It depends a lot on your system and what you need help with. But how you organize your course is entirely up to you. Reiki can stand alone as a treatment, but there is no doubt that it certainly supports other forms of treatment as well. So you are welcome to combine Reiki healing with other treatments. It just depends on your own needs and wishes.

It is also possible to buy clip cards of 5 or 10 clips. Clip cards can be ordered by mail or purchased in the booking system under clip cards.

In the course of 4 sessions, you can have both physical and remote healing, if your daily life does not allow you to come physically to my clinic 4 times within a few days.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Course - physical healing of 4 sessions: DKK 2300.

Course - remote healing of 4 sessions: DKK 2000.

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What is Reiki good for?

Reiki strengthens your immune system and is good for inflammatory conditions and imbalances as the treatment can reduce stress, relax and activate the body's own ability to heal. Reiki loosens blockages, reduces anxiety and restlessness, reduces side effects and discomfort, and helps to balance your energy system. It helps and cleanses on the physical as well as the psychological level and provides new energy in harmony between body, mind and spirit. It also helps to cleanse and detoxify the body of waste substances and old, stagnant energy, as well as much more.

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