Crystal jewelry

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to relieve symptoms as well as protect and attract good energy and provide protection against bad or heavy energy. Click on the individual piece of jewelery and read about its fine properties and use your intuition and choose what you are drawn to - the lovely thing about crystals is that nothing is right or wrong. We simply have to let intuition guide us.


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Starry Night necklaceStarry Night necklace
Starry Night necklace Sale price444,00 kr
Light agate necklaceLight agate necklace
Light agate necklace Sale price249,00 kr
Deep - Lapis lazuli necklaceDeep - Lapis lazuli halskæde
Deep - Lapis lazuli necklace Sale price549,00 kr
Loving - Rose quartz necklaceLoving - Rose quartz necklace
Loving - Rose quartz necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Insight - Tourmaline necklace
Insight - Tourmaline necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Amazon - Amazonite necklaceAmazon - Amazonite necklace
Amazon - Amazonite necklace Sale price399,00 kr
High vibes - Larimar necklaceHigh vibes - Larimar necklace
High vibes - Larimar necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Worth - Botswana agate necklaceWorth - Botswana agate necklace
Release - Smoky quartz necklaceRelease - Smoky quartz necklace
Trust - Turkey necklaceTrust - Turkey necklace
Trust - Turkey necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Sodalite necklace - pointedSodalite necklace - pointed
Sodalite necklace - pointed Sale price349,00 kr
Rock crystal necklace - pointedRock crystal necklace - pointed
Amethyst necklace - pointedAmethyst necklace - pointed
Amethyst necklace - pointed Sale price399,00 kr
Amazonite necklace - pointedAmazonite necklace - pointed
Amazonite necklace - pointed Sale price449,00 kr
Agate necklace - pointedAgat halskæde - spids
Agate necklace - pointed Sale price349,00 kr
Rainbow fluorite necklace - pointedRainbow fluorite necklace - pointed
Rainbow Moonstone Necklace - PointedRegnbue månesten halskæde - spids
Smoky quartz pendant
Smoky quartz pendant Sale price99,00 kr
Amethyst necklaceAmethyst necklace
Amethyst necklace Sale price389,00 kr
Amazonite necklace
Amazonite necklace Sale price379,00 kr
Citrine necklaceCitrine necklace
Citrine necklace Sale price389,00 kr
Rock crystal necklaceRock crystal necklace
Rock crystal necklace Sale price389,00 kr
Tourmaline quartz necklace
Tourmaline quartz necklace Sale price379,00 kr
Clarity - Rock crystal necklaceClarity - Rock crystal necklace
Sunstone necklaceSunstone necklace
Sunstone necklace Sale price389,00 kr
Cherry blossom agate necklaceCherry blossom agate necklace
Cherry blossom agate necklace Sale price479,00 kr
Citrine necklaceCitrine necklace
Citrine necklace Sale price389,00 kr
Power - Black agate necklacePower - Black agate necklace
Power - Black agate necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Balance - Rainbow fluorite necklaceBalance - Rainbow fluorite necklace
Crystal mix braceletCrystal mix bracelet
Crystal mix bracelet Sale price199,00 kr