Obsidian arises from rapid cooling of lava. Characteristically black, it boasts a glossy surface and a shiny, vitreous sheen. Obsidian presents itself in different shades, such as gold and mahogany . Obsidian is a crystal that symbolizes protection and grounding.


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Obsidian necklaceObsidian necklace
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Surround yourself with obsidian's earthy energies

Obsidian, a powerful earthlingblack crystal, stands out for its remarkable ability to ward off negativity and improve mental clarity. Its deep, reflective surface is not only breathtaking to behold, but also expresses the stone's deep protective qualities.

Obsidian's protective powers

In addition to its physical healing properties, Obsidian acts as a formidable barrier against psychic attacks, negative energies and emotional turmoil. It is your personal guardian, watching over your emotional and spiritual well-being.

This is how you can use Obsidian in everyday life

Jewelry: Inviting Obsidian into your life by wearing it as jewelry is a beautiful and effective way to embrace its energy. When Obsidian touches your skin, it quietly works to support your healing journey, ensuring you remain firmly grounded and protected on your path.

Residence: To create a safe haven free from negativity, lovingly place Obsidian around your home. It is a way of enveloping your home with a protective energy that ensures that your home remains a place of peace and harmony.

Chakra: If you want to strengthen the connection to yourroot chakra, you can let Obsidian rest gently on your lower body. This can support you in grounding your energy and reinforcing your sense of security and stability, which forms the foundation of your inner strength.

Take good care of your Obsidian crystal

To preserve the powerful energies of your Obsidian crystal, regular cleansing is essential. You can place it in a bowl of water with a few drops of essential oil or bathe it in the gentle glow of moonlight to revive its protective and healing abilities. You can also place your obsidian on top of or next to selenite, which as the only crystal fully cleanses other crystals, without itself absorbing what it cleanses. Read my guide: 'How to cleanse crystals?'.