Spiritual talk at eye level, where all topics and challenges are welcome!

Do you have a problem that you find difficult to solve yourself, do you need spiritual tools, and are you ready to take action and create change, or do you perhaps just want to talk about spirituality? Then a soul talk is something for you.

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What is Soul Talk?

For a soul talk, you are the focus and I help you achieve what you want and I meet you where you are.

Nothing is too big or small to talk about and it is my greatest wish to help you on your way in life, based on where you are on your way right now.

Soul talk is perfect for you who want dialogue and sparring regarding what is going on in your world. It's your session, so you decide what we should spend our time on - I'm just a listening ear and a helping hand.

In our sessions together, you will get help on how to optimize your situation and solve the challenges you may have, or simply a listening ear if that is what you want. All this so that you can get on well in life and get it resolved in the best and most loving way.

Besides that, I give you space and opportunity to open your heart and be honest. There is no condemnation, only love and understanding. Our time together will be based on conversation and dialogue, and together we will find out how you can holistically and spiritually create the life you want and solve the challenges you want help with or talk about the topics that are stirring in you.

After each session, you will get some different tasks or tools to take home, which will be beneficial for you to use from time to time, so that you get the most out of our session and you get what you hope for from the course.

NOTE: Soul talk is not clairvoyance. If you want it instead, you must book a clairvoyance.

With a Soul Talk you get

A gratitude diary free of charge when you book a course

Option to contact me between sessions if it's on fire

Loving and knowledgeable guidance, with more than 10 years of experience

Possibility of walk and talk for those who want to be in nature

Perfect for you there

  • Wants dialogue at eye level
  • Is ready to take action and responsibility
  • Needs loving guidance, support and tools
  • To be listened to with body, mind and soul
  • A talk about spirituality or life
  • Spiritual sparring
  • Has come to a standstill in life and needs a loving push in the right direction
  • Have challenges you need help with
  • Want something different with life, but not sure what
  • Need to boost your energy and be guided to a new level
  • Want to be seen and heard for who you are
  • Desires knowledge of the spiritual world
  • Need a tailored course

Practical information & price

Installment payment is possible. Just contact me for more information.

You are always welcome to contact me for a non-binding chat, so you can feel if the energy is there and to hear if I can help you. Book a 10-minute free conversation.

I also comply with the code of ethics and of course have a duty of confidentiality. So you can rest easy with me.

A soul talk takes place either via telephone, Facetime, video conference (such as Teams or Google Meet) or physical presence in Copenhagen. If you are going through a period of long-term challenges, I recommend at least the small course of 3 interviews or a tailor-made course, adapted to your wishes.


1 session of 55 min: DKK 950.

Small course of 3 x 55 min: DKK 2600.

Large course of 6 x 55 min: DKK 4900.

Customized course: Contact me for more information and price

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Can I help you?

My wish is to meet you where you are, so that I can help you as best as possible - and I have yet to meet anyone who has not enjoyed a soul talk.

I am a trained reiki healer, clairvoyant, meditation guide and angel card reader and have certified myself in mindfulness, meditation and as a mentor, and with my over 10 years of experience as a mentor, clairvoyant and meditation guide and angel card reader, I will use all my spiritual and holistic tools, as well as my intuition and my knowledge of body, mind and spirit to help you on the right path.

A soul talk is based on dialogue, where together we find solutions for what you need.

But if you want clairvoyance , then it is the right thing to book instead.