Apatite is a beneficial crystal in manifestation and confidence. It has the ability to remove negative energy and is particularly beneficial to have near children. Apatite promotes clarity and is known as the "stone of humanitarians" due to its ability to enhance empathy and agency. It is a calming and gentle crystal that can help with anxiety and promote inner peace.


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What is apatite?

Apatite is a highly unique crystal that comes in a variety of colors. The most widespread variation is the enchanting shade of blue. Apatite is a powerful tool, especially when you find yourself in a period of indifference to everything around you. It is said to have the ability to relieve apathy.

Where is apatite found?

Apatite can be found in different regions around the world and it often depends on the specific type of apatite you are looking for. Some of the places where apatite is often found include:

  • Brazil: is a significant source of apatite crystals, especially the blue and green varieties.

  • Mexico: is known for producing beautiful blue apatite crystals.

  • Madagascar: is a source of variously colored apatite crystals, including blue, green and tan.

  • USA: Apatite also occurs in some parts of the United States, such as in Maine and South Dakota.

  • Canada: the Labrador area in particular, is a source of some beautiful blue apatite crystals.

Spiritual Properties of Apatite

Apatite is a versatile crystal with the ability to promote cognition and intellectual stimulation. This strength can be manifested both through spiritual paths and love. As a result, apatite helps dissolve feelings of isolation and negativity. The use of apatite in conjunction with other crystals can improve the results, as the apatite improves the way to obtain them.

Apatite and humanitarian activities

Apatit has a close connection to humanitarian activities and promotes the development of humanitarian action areas. It is also associated with healing, information storage, communication and energy balancing. Apatite enables both the perception and application of information that can have individual and collective utility. It acts as a bridge between consciousness and physical matter, and this makes it practical to use insight and manifestation skills. Apatite is a valuable resource in the expansion of knowledge and in the search for "truth as liberation." It helps to integrate, coordinate and balance the emotional, intellectual, physical and etheric aspects of our being.

Increased creativity and clarity

Apatite is also known to enhance creativity and is considered a stone of the future. It helps bring clarity to the mind by removing mental confusion and opens up the deeper inner self.

Physical properties of Apatite

Apatite can also be effective in relieving imbalance, overactivity, underactivity, blockage or congestion in the chakras. It promotes the development of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and increases awareness of the spiritual worlds. Apatite opens the door to past life insight and telepathy. When used in conjunction with spiritual discipline, apatite can help develop deeper meditative states, yin-yang balance, stimulate the Kundalini energy, increase self-awareness, create clarity, peace and connect with the higher self.

General information about Apatite:

Chakra: Throat

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Clean: Incense, Full Moon, Selenite, a few hours in the sun's rays