Do you need answers, advice or help to find your way?

In this 55 minute clairvoyance, I start by tuning into you clairvoyantly and feeling your energy, where I tell you what is happening in you and around you right now. I talk about your strengths and any challenges, etc., as well as what you need to know, including tools to move forward in life in the best possible way. I also look into the near future and afterwards I will of course answer any personal questions you may need answered.

Both your past, present and future can be affected and clairvoyance can help make you aware of inappropriate patterns and behaviors so that you can change those that no longer do you any good. You will receive various types of tools, advice and guidance that help to support you going forward in your personal development.

Afterwards, time is set aside for your questions. If you have no questions, I will continue and talk until the time is up.

Please bring:
You are welcome to bring your phone so you can record the session. Some also like to bring a pen and paper so that notes can be taken along the way.

Practical information:
Our session takes place in my office at my residence on Amager Strandvej. There is free parking on Amager Strandvej and Krimsvej. Øresund Metro is a 2-3 minute walk away.

Before you book an appointment for a clairvoyance, please read the frequently asked questions here . You can book an appointment via or via "book here" below.

I also comply with the code of ethics and, of course, I have a duty of confidentiality. I do not tell anything about death or misfortune, just as I do not clairvoyantly tune in to people who have not asked for it.

After a physical clairvoyance:

If you have had a clairvoyance with me, and if one or more questions have arisen afterwards, you can book 15 or 30 minutes of clairvoyance by telephone for a follow-up session.

This type of session must be booked no later than 2 months after your physical clairvoyance.

If there is something you do not understand after a session, I will of course help without charge.

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