Clairvoyance means clairvoyance - being able to see clearly. However, we clairvoyants do not only use clairvoyance when we do clairvoyance. It is usually a mixture of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. Clairvoyance is a tool that can give you an overview of the challenges and opportunities in your life.

When I do clairvoyance, I am shown images, words and often also get physical sensations, such as pain in the body.

It's help from the spiritual world that can give you a nudge in the right direction if you feel you've got stuck and need a little help to move on. It can also provide new ideas, inputs and tools to make the best of your current situation and life in general.

I work by looking at you as a whole person and the challenge(s) you may have. I give loving, concrete and constructive messages and tools, and give you information about where your strengths and also your challenges are. I work by looking at the whole of you and your situation as a whole, so I work with the whole person and I can give you tools on how to solve the challenges you are facing yourself, as well as give you a push in the right direction.

Yes! I am a certified clairvoyant counsellor, with an A. I am trained at the Clairvoyance Guidance School by Tove Lucka Kofoed. The duration of the training is 1.5 years and I have completed 390 hours of training. The training includes education and training in various disciplines within clairvoyance, the spiritual world, ethics and personal development. In addition, I am a certified angel card reader by Doreen Virtue and I have trained and educated myself in various spiritual disciplines including; meditation, mindfulness, mediation, ethics and communication with Tove Lucka Kofoed, Steen Kofoed, Henning Daverne and others.

I abide by the 10 rules of the clairvoyant association for a skilled and competent clairvoyant:

1. Only posts to people who have requested it
2. Only gives advice that is constructive and puts the client in a better position
3. Shows respect and empathy towards his client
4. Maintains confidentiality
5. Has a high level of responsibility, ethics and morality
6. Has good discernment
7. Performs clairvoyance only in sound physical and mental condition
8. Distinguishes clairvoyant counselling from other general counselling
9. Offers clairvoyance recorded on electronic media or in written form
10. Complies with all the present rules during all clairvoyant work


NOTE: I advise against using clairvoyants who do not adhere to the ethical guidelines and who, in particular, choose to tune in to people who have not asked for it. As clairvoyants we have no right to do this and it is against good ethics. So be careful if you come across a clairvoyant who offers this and does not have good ethics.

A written clairvoyance is a good way to get answers to the personal questions you may need answered.

In the written clairvoyance, you can choose to ask me some specific questions or you can simply book a reading where I tune in to you and give you any messages that may be for you from the universe. Appointments can be made by email: kontakt@zoeyadrianna.dk or via online booking.

If you have some questions you would like answered, remember that the more specific you are in your question, the more specific an answer you will get back.

When booking, I need to know your first name, as well as your personal questions and a good-looking, recent photo.

A written angel card reading is a good way to get answers to personal questions you may need answered.

In a written angel card reading, you can choose to ask me some specific questions or you can simply book a reading where I tune in to you and give you whatever messages there may be for you from the universe. Appointments can be made by emailing kontakt@zoeyadrianna.dk or by booking online.

If you have some questions you would like answered, remember that the more specific you are in your question, the more specific an answer you will get back.

When booking, I need to know your first name, as well as your personal questions and a good-looking, recent photo.

It depends on whether 15, 20 or 55 minutes are booked.

In a 55 min. I start by tuning into you clairvoyantly and feeling your energy, I tell what is happening in you right now - your strengths and your challenges etc., as well as what you need to know, including tools to move forward in life in the best possible way. Your past, present and future will all be touched on and can help to make you aware of unhelpful patterns and behaviours so that you can change those that are no longer doing you any good. You will receive various tools, advice and guidance to help you move forward in your personal development.

Afterwards, time is set aside for your questions. If you have no questions, the clairvoyance continues and I talk until the time is up.

If you have booked an appointment for a shorter clairvoyance, either 15 or 30 minutes, I will start by asking you to ask your question(s) so that you have time to answer them, as time often passes more quickly than you expect.

Most often people ask about love, work, finances, personal development or problems/challenges they are facing now. Nothing is too big or small as long as your questions remain personal and you don't ask what another person is thinking, feeling or doing - because I'm not allowed to ask that.

And remember, the more specific you are in your question, the more specific an answer you will get back.

In general, clairvoyance is a great tool to get some push in the right direction and answers to the things you are struggling with.

When clairvoyants do clairvoyance, they can see a possible future. We humans have our own free will and your future is shaped by the thoughts and actions you choose. So if you change your thoughts and actions, your future will also change accordingly and therefore look different.

I can therefore see what options are available in your future, depending on which path you choose to go down.

A session with me - whether face-to-face, written or by phone - is personal. So for Estonian reasons, I don't tune in to anyone but you. If you have a question that relates to another person, I'm happy to look at things from your side if there's something you want to know about a relationship and about what you can do to improve the situation etc. But I don't tune in to people who haven't asked for it.

If you have a child under 14 who needs advice and guidance, I will be happy to talk to the child and help, provided the questions asked are to help and support the child in whatever challenges he or she may have.

NOTE: I advise against using clairvoyants who do not adhere to the ethical guidelines and who, in particular, choose to tune in to people who have not asked for it. As clairvoyants we have no right to do this and it is against good ethics. So be careful if you come across a clairvoyant who offers this and does not have good ethics.

In principle, yes - I can - if you are willing to use the tools you are given. I give you messages and tools to let you know what you can do to solve your challenges. So it's important that you are ready to do some of the work yourself and use the tools and instruments I give you.

Yes, I'm sworn to secrecy. So you can be 100% safe, as what we talk about stays between us.

Yes I am a trained Reiki I healer.

If this is your first time to healing with me, we start with a short talk about why you are here. It may be physical or psychological reasons, or it may be that you are just enjoying the calm and want to receive the gifts of healing, such as more calm, balance and energy. 

Then the session continues on the tray. During the treatment, I gently place my hands in different places on the body.

The first time the price is 750 kr, and the subsequent times 600 kr.

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I have a private clinic at:

Amager Strandvej 112G, 5. tv, 2300 Copenhagen S.

If you are in doubt about which service is best for you to book, have a general question about me and my services, or would like to have a quick chat to feel if I am the right person to help you, I offer 10 minutes of free, no obligation telephone conversation.

You can book your time here www.zoeyadrianna.dk/book-tid

Choose the date and time that suits you best, write down your number and I'll call you at the agreed time.

In this 10-minute intro conversation, you can briefly talk about your thoughts, challenges, wishes or similar issues that you need help with. Or we can just have a short chat and feel if the energy and chemistry is there, so you can book your appointment at your leisure afterwards.

You can do that right here: Book Time

Or you can send an email to kontakt@zoeyadrianna.dk and I'll book the time for you. Payment can then be made by MobilePay to 888122 - and you will receive a receipt as proof of your payment.

Monday: 10-17
Tuesday: 10-17
Wednesday: 10-17
Thursday: 10-17
Friday: 10-17
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed

If you don't find a time that suits you, please feel free to contact me and we can find a time that suits you.

If you are unable to come to Copenhagen, I offer telephone sessions.

You can find me at:

Amager Strandvej 112G, 5. TV
2300 København S
Entrance via Krimsvej, up the stairs/elevator to the mezzanine (press 1) and sharp left.

Contact details:

Phone: +45 26112686
Email: kontakt@zoeyadrianna.dk

If I cannot answer your call when you call, please leave your name and number and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can either pay via MobilePay, bank transfer or when you book online via my booking system, by credit card or Mobilepay.

Mobilepay number: 888122
Bank transfer: 0111 - 6284885374

For cancellations or no-shows of appointments such as healing, clairvoyance, spiritual guidance and other services, later than 24 hours before, the full amount will be paid.




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18, paragraph 2, point 3.DISCLAIMER


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On return

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Zoey Adrianna

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2300 Copenhagen S 

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If services such as healing, clairvoyance, spiritual guidance, etc. are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, a fee of 50% will be charged. If cancelled less than 3 hours before or in case of no-show, a fee of 100% of the treatment price will be charged. 



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To receive a full refund, you must do the same as in a physical store. You can try the product, but not actually use it.

Complaints - overview and links:

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The Competition and Consumer Authority's Centre for Complaints Resolution

Carl Jacobsens Vej 35

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Link: www.forbrug.dk

If you are a consumer living in another EU country, you can register your complaint on the EU Commission's online complaints platform.

The platform can be found here: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

If you make a complaint here, please provide our e-mail address: kontakt@zoeyadrianna.dk

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