Do you need to clean your home, work or another place you stay? Or do you just want to enjoy the calm, the scent and the present sensation of incense, either when you meditate, practice yoga or simply feel like a little well-being? Then incense is the perfect tool for your spiritual practice.


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Chakra salvieChakra salvie
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Harmoni og overflod - æskeHarmoni og overflod - æske
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Røgelses pakkeRøgelses pakke
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Lavendel smudge stick
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Palo santoPalo santo
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Abelone skalAbelone skal
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Japansk røgelse - bitter pink ginger
Japansk røgelse - Calm hinoki mint
Japansk røgelse - Sparkling gold yuzu
Japansk røgelse - fresh matcha
Japansk røgelse - Brilliant blue lavender
Japansk røgelse - Sweet white sage

Frankincense, sage and palo santo - an aromatic and spiritual journey

Incense is an incredibly effective tool for opening up the soul and connecting to our spiritual state. It is a magical and luxurious way to create a completely unique space that fills us with inner calm and spiritual peace. We can enjoy the warm, sweet fragrance that fills the entire room and invites us to explore into our souls.

It helps clean and clear the air and creates a calming atmosphere. Sage is known for its essential oils, which are known to strengthen the immune system and improve the health of the body. It can also be used to build energy and strengthen our spiritual connection.

Sage - sustainable incense

Remember to choose sustainable medical sage when you want to buy sage. On the webshops, ordinary white sage is not sold, as white sage is on the list of plants that are at risk of becoming extinct, due to our large consumption of it. Whereas sage can grow in most climates and is therefore not at the same risk of extinction.

Medicinal sage - healing properties

Medicinal sage is a unique type of incense known for its healing properties. It is made from medicinal plants that have calming properties that can help reduce stress and anxiety. It is also known to purify the air and improve one's concentration.