Hvorfor du ikke må glemme at investere i dig selv

Why you must not forget to invest in yourself

In episode #15, I delve into why it is so important that we humans remember to invest in ourselves. Most of us are good at investing time, energy and money in everything else; our home, other people such as our family and friends, money in our savings and stock account, but often forget ourselves.

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Er du nærværende eller fraværende i livet?

Are you present or absent in life?

Are you going through life in the present? Or are you constantly doing several things at once, do you always have your phone in your hand and are you preoccupied with all other things than what is actually important and happening right in front of your nose?

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Sådan bruger du engle- og orakelkort

How to use angel and oracle cards

In this episode, I take a look at the many different oracle cards, angel cards and tarot cards and guide you through the differences between them, what you need to pay attention to and explain how to choose the right set of cards for you - as well as give you some tricks to make a better reading and get more out of the cards.

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At turde - og ikke mindste nyde - at være i sit eget selskab

To dare - and not least to enjoy - being in one's own company

In today's episode, I focus on daring to be alone and to be in one's own company, in public space. Many fear sitting alone in a café, eating the steak alone or doing something where there 'should' be two of you, instead of just yourself. And unfortunately it means that we sometimes miss out on something we really want because we don't dare to do it alone.

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Alle har ikke clairvoyante evner - men alle har en intuition!

Not everyone has clairvoyant abilities - but everyone has an intuition!

In today's episode I talk about clairvoyance. Not everyone has clairvoyant abilities, but we all have an intuition and an inner compass that we can connect with and practice listening to. So in today's episode I talk about what you can do yourself to connect even more with your intuition, so that you can start to enjoy it more.

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