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Chakra-systemet: En rejse gennem kroppens energiportaler

The Chakra System: A Journey Through the Body's Energy Portals

In episode #28 we delve into the mysterious and powerful energy centers known as the chakra system. These seven main chakras are not only vital to our physical well-being, but they are also key to...

Less is more: Vejen til en minimalistisk livsstil

Less is more: The path to a minimalist lifestyle

In episode #27, I explore the minimalist lifestyle. In a world where overconsumption and material wealth are often seen as success and the key to happiness, I invite you to discover the beauty...

Nytænkning af nytårsfortsæt - Hvordan skaber vi vedvarende forandringer i vores liv

Rethinking New Year's resolutions - How do we create lasting changes in our lives

In episode #26, I look at the mistakes we most often make when we decide to set New Year's resolutions. The New Year is often a time for reflection, where we consider how we can improve ourse...

Forventninger og pres - fra os selv og andre. Hvordan navigerer vi i det

Expectations and pressure - from ourselves and others. How do we navigate it?

In episode #25, I focus on how we learn to navigate through the pressure and expectations we humans can sometimes feel we are under. Both the pressure that comes from others, but especially a...

Har du også svært ved at være til stede i nuet? Du er ikke den eneste!

Do you also find it difficult to be present in the moment? You are not the only one!

Being present in the present is something most of us can improve on and something that is beneficial on all levels. So I give some tools for how we can do it in a simple and easy way, so that we c...

Skuffelse - en uundgåelig del af livet. Men også en kilde til forståelse og personlig udvikling

Disappointment - an inevitable part of life. But also a source of understanding and personal development

In episode #23, I delve into the hidden treasures of disappointment and look at what being disappointed and disappointing others once in a while can actually do for us.

De 5 kærlighedssprog - nøglen til at skabe langvarige og lykkelige relationer

The 5 love languages ​​- the key to creating long-lasting and happy relationships

In episode #22, I explore each of these 5 love languages—words, quality time, gifts, favors, and physical touch—and delve into their meaning and impact.

Engletal og tegn fra universet - hvad de prøver at fortælle dig

Angel numbers and signs from the universe - what they are trying to tell you

In episode #21, I focus on angel numbers such as 11:11, 222 and 555, as well as signs from the universe such as feathers, coins, angels as we see in clouds, coffee cups and the like, and rainbows,...

Reiki healing - det er noget som alle kan lære!

Reiki healing - it's something that everyone can learn!

Everyone naturally has access to this universal life energy because it is what we originally come from. We all come from pure energy, we are pure energy and we all have access to the energy and to...

Når livet er svært og hvad vi kan gøre for at navigere godt igennem de udfordrende perioder

When life is difficult and what we can do to navigate well through the challenging periods

Life is not always a bed of roses, but the difficult times we go through are part of life, happiness and learning and help ensure that we grow and flourish. Therefore, we must learn what we can fr...