Agate comes in many different colors and versions, such as; blonde agate, blue agate, moss agate, flower agate. Agate is a crystal and a tool that has a very earthy, gentle and loving energy.

Agate is for you who want to create more harmony and stability in your life.
While many crystals such as Amethyst have a very strong, insistent vibration, Agate is just significantly gentler in its energy

Agate is a gemstone that is often used as a jewelry piece. It is one of the oldest crystals ever used for jewelry, and it has been around for centuries.


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Moss agate braceletMoss agate bracelet
Moss agate bracelet Sale price199,00 kr
Mos agat
Moss agate Sale price39,00 kr
Sakura - kirsebærblomst agat
HAPPY halskædeHAPPY halskæde
PEACEFUL HARMONY necklace Sale priceFrom 449,00 kr
Light agate necklaceLight agate necklace
Light agate necklace Sale price249,00 kr
Red agate polishedRed agate polished
Red agate polished Sale price39,00 kr
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Aqua agat poleretAqua agat poleret
Moss agate polished Sale price30,00 kr
PEACEFUL HARMONY necklace Sale price399,00 kr
PEACEFUL HARMONY necklace Sale price449,00 kr
HOPE necklaceHOPE necklace
HOPE necklace Sale price419,00 kr
Pink agat halskædePink agat halskæde
Pink agat halskæde Sale price449,00 kr
Agate necklace - pointedAgat halskæde - spids
Agate necklace - pointed Sale price349,00 kr
Worth - Botswana agate necklaceWorth - Botswana agate necklace
Mini druzy agat tårnMini druzy agat tårn
Mini druzy agat tårn Sale price89,00 kr
Mini druzy agat tårnMini druzy agat tårn
Mini druzy agat tårn Sale price99,00 kr
Druzy Agat tårnDruzy Agat tårn
Druzy Agat tårn Sale price139,00 kr
Druzy Agat tårnDruzy Agat tårn
Druzy Agat tårn Sale price219,00 kr
Druzy Agat tårn
Druzy Agat tårn Sale price219,00 kr
Druzy Agat tårnDruzy Agat tårn
Druzy Agat tårn Sale price249,00 kr
Power - Black agate necklacePower - Black agate necklace
Power - Black agate necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Cherry blossom agate necklaceCherry blossom agate necklace
Cherry blossom agate necklace Sale price479,00 kr
Agat tårnAgat tårn
Agate tower Sale price499,00 kr
Druzy Agat tårnDruzy Agat tårn
Druzy Agate tower Sale price649,00 kr
Druzy Agat tårnDruzy Agat tårn
Druzy Agate tower Sale price849,00 kr
Feijiang agat poleret
Feijiang agate polished Sale price35,00 kr
Blå agatBlå agat
Blue agate Sale price325,00 kr

What is agate?

Agate is part of the quartz family and consists primarily of silicon dioxide, a composition it shares with other quartz varieties such as rock crystal and amethyst. What makes agate unique are the characteristic banded or striped patterns, which vary in color, thickness and complexity, giving each agate stone its own unique appearance.

The color of agate

Agate presents an impressive color palette ranging from green, blue, purple, red and yellow to brown, black and even shades like pink and orange. Sometimes agate is artificially dyed to intensify and enrich its color splendor.

Agate is relatively robust and resistant to scratches and damage. Its transparency varies from stone to stone, with some agates being completely transparent, while others appear more cloudy or opaque.

However, the most notable characteristic of agate is its banded patterns, which occur as a result of differences in mineral content during its formation. These patterns are unique to each agate stone and give them a unique beauty and visual appeal.

Where is agate found?

Agate is found in many different parts of the world and is quite widespread. It forms in hollow rocks called geodes or as fillings in cracks in rocks. Some of the places where agate is often found include:

Brazil:Brazil is one of the best known sources of agate. States such as Rio Grande do Sul and Minas Gerais in Brazil produce different shapes and colors of agate.

Uruguay:Uruguay is also famous for its agate deposits, especially in areas such as Artigas and Lavalleja.

USA:Agate occurs in several US states, including Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, and Montana. Montana's agate is known as "Montana Moss Agate" because of the moss-like inclusions.

India:Agate occurs in several states in India, including Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Madagascar:Madagascar is a source of agate in various colors and patterns.

Mexico:Agate is found in several regions of Mexico, including the Chihuahua and Zacatecas regions.

Australia:Agate also occurs in Australia, particularly in Queensland and Western Australia.

Germany:Germany also has some agate deposits, especially in areas such as Oberstein and Idar-Oberstein.

These are just some of the regions where agate is found. It is a relatively common gemstone, and its color and patterns can vary considerably depending on the mining site. Agate is often carved and used in jewelry, art, and decoration because of its beauty and versatility.

Agate's Spiritual Properties

Agate is known for its spiritual properties and meanings that vary depending on the color and pattern of the stone. Here are some of the spiritual properties often attributed to agate:

Balance and harmony:Agate is generally considered to be a stone that promotes balance and harmony. It is said to help bring balance between body, mind and spirit. Agate's banded patterns often symbolize this harmony.

Protection:Agate is considered a protective stone that can shield the wearer from negative energy, evil spirits or harmful influences. It can also help create a protective energetic shield around the user.

Stability and grounding:Agate is often associated with earth energy and helps strengthen the connection to the earth. This can provide a sense of stability and calm.

Self-esteem and self-confidence:Some believe that agate can help increase self-esteem and confidence by helping to release negative thoughts and self-blame. It encourages positive self-reflection and acceptance.

Mental clarity:Agate can promote mental clarity and sharpen the mind. It is said to help clear confusion and promote clear thinking.

Healing:Agate is in some cases considered to have healing properties and can be used to promote healing on both a physical and emotional level.

Spiritual Development:Agate can help connect with spiritual dimensions and promote spiritual development and growth.

Connection with Chakras:Agate often strengthens the connection with different chakras depending on the color. For example, blue agate is considered to connect with the throat chakra and support communication, while root agate is linked to the root chakra and grounding.

It is important to note that the spiritual properties of agate often vary depending on the color and type of agate. People who work with agate for spiritual purposes usually choose the stone based on their specific needs and intentions. Agate can be integrated into meditation, healing, protection rituals and other spiritual practices as a tool to enhance their effects.

How do you use agate?

Agate crystals can be used in a variety of ways, depending on one's intentions and purpose. Here are some ways you can use an agate crystal:

Jewelry:One of the most common ways to use agate is by wearing it as jewelry. You can find agate crystals cut and polished into necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Having agate close to your body can help absorb its energy and properties.

Meditation:You can use an agate crystal as a focus object during meditation. Hold the stone in your hand or place it in front of you and let its colors and patterns help you create clarity and peace of mind.

Energy work:Agate is often considered a stone that can help create balance and harmony in your energy system. You can place agate on specific chakra points or areas of the body to promote energy balance.

Decoration:Agate crystals are also popular for decoration. You can place an agate stone in your home or office as a decorative item. Besides adding beauty to your space, it is also said to improve energy flow and create a positive atmosphere.

Protection:Some believe that agate has protective properties and can shield the wearer from negative energy or harmful influences. You can wear agate as an amulet or keep it in your pocket to feel protected.

Stonework:If you have a raw agate crystal, you can use it for stonework projects such as making jewelry, sculptures, or other works of art.

Meditation Disc:Some people use agate as a meditation disc, focusing on the patterns and colors of the stone to achieve deeper inner connection and understanding.

Spiritual practices:Agate can be included in various spiritual practices, including rituals and ceremonies, where its properties are used to strengthen intentions and spiritual goals.

However you choose to use an agate crystal, it is important to have a clear intention and understanding of its meaning in order to get the most out of its energy. Using agate in your daily practices can help enhance your focus, energy and well-being.

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