White crystals

Shiny white and clear crystals  are not only beautiful to own; they bring a sense of calm and joy while carrying healing properties with them. Explore my extensive selection of crystals and find the ones that resonate with you in particular.


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Selenit stykkerSelenit stykker
Selenite pieces Sale price20,00 kr
Rock crystal braceletRock crystal bracelet
Rock crystal bracelet Sale price159,00 kr
Raw quartz pendantRaw quartz pendant
Raw quartz pendant Sale price49,00 kr
Rock crystal - polished Sale price15,00 kr
Raw Opalite - largeRaw Opalite - large
Raw Opalite - large Sale price45,00 kr
Raw Opalite - smallRå Opalit - lille
Raw Opalite - small Sale price29,00 kr
HEALING LOVE necklace Sale priceFrom 549,00 kr
Bjergkrystal spids
Rock crystal tip Sale price39,00 kr
Bjergkrystal vedhæng
Rock crystal pendant Sale price79,00 kr
Selenite heartSelenite heart
Selenite heart Sale price99,00 kr
Save 10,00 kr
Rå bjergkrystal - lommesten
Raw rock crystal - pocket stone Sale price19,00 kr Regular price29,00 kr
Røgkvarts vedhængSmoky quartz pendant
Smoky quartz pendant Sale price79,00 kr
Bjergkrystal rå
Rock crystal raw Sale price49,00 kr
Selenite moonSelenite moon
Selenite moon Sale price119,00 kr
Clarity - Rock crystal necklaceClarity - Rock crystal necklace
Polished selenite rodPolished selenite rod
Polished selenite rod Sale price119,00 kr
Opalite polishedOpalite polished
Opalite polished Sale price39,00 kr
Selenite towerSelenite tower
Selenite tower Sale priceFrom 99,00 kr
Insight - Tourmaline necklaceInsight - Tourmaline necklace
Insight - Tourmaline necklace Sale price499,00 kr
Rock crystal necklaceRock crystal necklace
Rock crystal necklace Sale price299,00 kr
Rock crystal - large Sale price79,00 kr
Bjergkrystal ægBjergkrystal æg
Rock crystal egg Sale price229,00 kr
Selenit måne-skålSelenit måne-skål
Selenit måne-skål Sale priceFrom 149,00 kr
Onyx skålOnyx skål
Onyx skål Sale price199,00 kr
Selenit skålSelenit skål
Selenit skål Sale priceFrom 149,00 kr
Selenit kugleSelenit kugle
Selenit kugle Sale priceFrom 59,00 kr
Aragonit kugleAragonit kugle
Aragonit kugle Sale price239,00 kr
Aragonit hjerteAragonit hjerte
Aragonit hjerte Sale price49,00 kr
Selenit hjerteSelenit hjerte
Selenit hjerte Sale price49,00 kr
Selenite plateSelenite plate
Selenite plate Sale price129,00 kr

The meaning of white crystals

White crystals, known for their connection to mental energy and sleep, are influenced by the moon. They are particularly good at amplifying the powers of other crystals and dissolving negative energy.

Healing with white crystals

These crystals symbolize innocence and purity, radiate positive energies and act as a light in the dark. White gemstones are essential in crystal healing due to their ability to eliminate negativities and purify energies.

Spiritual connection and clarity

White crystals bring clarity, purity and a sense of spiritual ascension. They enhance dreams, visions and spiritual connections and have a healing effect.

White crystals symbolize beginning and end. Encapsulating feminine energy and representing renewal, they act as guides through life's paradoxes, offering hope and freedom.

The crown chakra and physical well-being

These stones resonate withthe crown chakra, enhances consciousness and connects earthly energy with the cosmos. They balance hormonal activity and contribute to physical healing, including protection of the skin and relief of eye strain. They also help restore metabolic balance.

Improving relationships with white crystals

Wearing white crystals close to the heart can bring clarity, emotional balance and a sense of innocence to relationships. They promote clarity and universal love, support emotional growth and help overcome limitations in love and companionship.

Popular white/clear crystals:

  • Selenite: Selenite possesses the ability to produce a sense of peace, purity and clarity. Also cleanses other crystals.
  • Moonstone: This crystal comes in several different colors and promotes self-expression and creativity.
  • Rock crystal: Clear quartz that is found everywhere in nature.
  • Opalite: Opalite is a stone that promotes imagination and creativity.
  • Angel aura: A crystal that radiates a heartfelt and loving energy.