Sodalite, often associated with communication, is a crystal known for its royal blue and purple hues. It helps to balance the head and the heart to align individuals with their true selves, creating coherence between the two. A catalyst for self-discovery and true expression, this crystal guides you on a journey towards embracing your authentic essence.


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Healing properties of Sodalite

Sodalite is valued for its ability to enhance self-esteem, boost communication, strengthen the immune system and promote emotional well-being by promoting logic, truth and inner peace. This crystal is a source of power that encourages living with honesty and clarity, bringing harmony between your inner and outer landscape.

Sodalite: An emotional anchor

Sodalite acts as an emotional anchor, offering a calming touch, clearing mental fogs and promoting positive thinking. It is a comforting companion in changing times, a crystal that invites calm and balance when the waves run high.

The use of Sodalite

Sodalite can be worn asjewelryto absorb its energy, placed under the pillow to help with insomnia, or used in Feng Shui to bring emotional balance and improve communication in the home and office. Its presence in your life is a daily reminder to speak your truth and live in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

Caring for your Sodalite crystal

To clean and recharge Sodalit, it is recommended to rinse it under running water. It also appreciates being placed in sunlight for about ten minutes to absorb a bright beam of energy. You can also cleanse it with selenite, which is a good base crystal to have as it cleanses all crystals without absorbing heavy or negative energy itself. Read my guide: 'All about crystal cleansing'.

Sodalite and Chakra

Sodalite is attached tothe throat chakra, but also has connections toheart- andthird eye chakra. It is a deeply spiritual stone that invites the wearer to strengthen their connections so that they feel the ground beneath their feet even as they look up to the sky. This crystal is a bridge builder between the earthly and the heavenly, encouraging a balance between the physical and the spiritual. You can read more about it herethe 7 chakras.

Invite Sodalite into your heart

Sodalite is an invitation to immerse yourself in your own inner world and express your truth with strength and clarity. By choosing sodalite, you invite a deeper understanding of yourself and a clearer communication with the world around you. Let sodalite guide you on your path to self-insight, true expression and spiritual awakening.