Tiger's eye

Tiger Eye is a portal to personal transformation and spiritual growth. By integrating this stone into your life, you open up a world of possibilities where fear and uncertainty are replaced with courage, clarity and a deep sense of grounding. Whether you are looking to strengthen your spiritual practice, navigate life's challenges with grace, or simply want to surround yourself with beauty and strength, tiger eye is an invaluable crystal that will guide and protect you on your journey.


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Tigerøje lommestenTigerøje lommesten
Rock crystal Sale price29,00 kr
Hematoid appendageHematoid appendage
Hematoid appendage Sale price79,00 kr
Rå tigerøje
Raw tiger eye Sale price39,00 kr
Falkeøje poleretFalkeøje poleret
Hawk eye polished Sale price29,00 kr
Tiger's eye necklace - pointedTiger's eye necklace - pointed
Tiger's eye necklace - pointed Sale price349,00 kr
Tigerøje poleretTigerøje poleret
Tiger eye polished Sale price39,00 kr

Tiger's Eye: The stone of courage and clarity

Tiger Eye is a powerfulcrystal, which is known to release fear andanxiety, promote mental clarity and connect earth and sun energies. A symbol of courage and determination, this stunning stone guides you through life's challenges with unwavering clarity and grounding.

Healing properties of Tiger Eye

Tiger's eye is believed to heal, mend broken relationships and provide insight into internal conflicts. Its warm, golden glow andyellow colorbrings not only beauty to your everyday life, but also a deep healing vibration that reaches into the core of the soul.

Protection and security

As a protective shield against negative energies, tiger eye serves to ward off evil and other harmful forces. Wear tiger eye as onejewelry, and feel how it envelops you with its protective energy, making you invincible to life's challenges.

Use Tiger Eye in your daily life

Tiger's Eye can be worn as jewelry, placed in the home or office, or used in meditation to harness its energy and connect with its earthy qualities. Let tiger eye be your daily companion, inspiring strength, courage and calm.

Caring for your Tiger's Eye crystal

To cleanse and recharge your tiger eye crystal, it is recommended to place it in sunlight or cleanse it withsage. Regular care ensures that your crystal remains a powerful ally, ready to support you in your spiritual journey and daily hardships. You can read all about it hereproper cleansing of crystals.