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Cleanses your energy, your mind and balances your body.

This naturally glassy rock is formed as a result of volcanic activity where magma rapidly cools and solidifies. The finished obsidian is characterized by its deep black color and a smooth, glossy surface, which makes it remarkable both in the art of jewelry and in the spiritual and esoteric world.

Obsidian is recognized for its sharpness and is often used to create knives and cutting tools. This is due to the stone's fine structure, which gives it a sharp edge that is unusually cutting. Throughout history, obsidian has been used to make weapons and tools in various cultures.

In addition to its physical properties, obsidian also has special significance in spiritual practices. Many see obsidian as a protective stone that helps absorb and dispel negative energy. It is often used in meditation and spiritual exercises to promote self-reflection and personal development.

The deep black color and shiny surface of the obsidian stone also has symbolic meaning. Black often symbolizes the mysterious and unknown, while the shiny surface can be interpreted as a source of inner reflection and wisdom.

Whether one values ​​obsidian for its beauty, its practical utility, or its spiritual significance, it is a stone that continues to inspire fascination and admiration among those who explore the world of crystals and gemstones.

The obsidian can act as a support during meditation and help create a connection to the earth. It can also help remove fear and feelings of powerlessness, as well as support a desire to implement healthier habits or lifestyle changes that promote a better quality of life.

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Obsidian raw


2-6 cm.

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