Rhodonite, derived from the Greek word "Rhodon" meaning rose, is a crystal that symbolizes compassion and love. Its shades range from pale pink to deep red , each shade tells a story about the power of the heart and the ability to love unconditionally.


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Healing properties of Rhodonite

Rhodonite is known for its emotional and spiritual healing power, helping to dissolve the walls around the heart, promoting self-love and guiding us towards our higher truth. This crystal is a source of healing that encourages you to embrace your truth and love yourself and others fully.

The use of Rhodonite

Regardless of whether it is worn asjewelryor placed in the home, Rhodonite radiates love, balances energies and strengthens bonds, especially in intimate contexts. Its presence in your life is a reminder to embrace love in all its forms and express compassion in every action.

Purification of Rhodonite

To maintain its healing properties, Rhodonite should be cleaned with clean water and a soft cloth, occasionally it can be quickly rinsed under running water, and can be recharged by placing it nearAmethyst,seleniteor in the morning sun. Regularpurification of crystalsensures that your crystal remains a vibrating source of love and healing.

Rhodonite and Chakra

Rhodonite has a deep connection tothe heart chakra, the center of our love, trust and capacity for compassion. Life is full of challenges, and it is often our heart chakra that feels the blows. Rhodonite is your spiritual protector, watching over your heart and your ability to love.

Rhodonite crystals that are marbled with darker spots also resonate strongly withthe root chakra. This is our base of security, what roots us to the ground beneath our feet, and it is about our sense of security in the world.

Great guide: 'Everything you need to know about the 7 chakras'.

Rhodonite guides you towards love and light

Rhodonite is a heart-warming crystal that enriches your life with deep love and compassion. By embracing this crystal you invite a journey towards unconditional love, healing and spiritual growth. Let Rhodonite guide you on your way to an open heart, filled with love and light.