Reiki Healing

Remote healing

A remote healing is a healing session where you are not physically present in the same room as the healer. It works just as well and does exactly the same as a physical healing, but can therefore be done even if you are not present in the same room.

Whether you do a remote healing from a distance of 3 cm, 3 meters or 3000 kilometers is of no importance, as the Reiki energy flows in exactly the same way.

Distance healing is perfect for those who do not have the opportunity to come to a physical session. Maybe because you live far away, or for other reasons can't come. Remote healing is extra gentle - but still very effective - so it is also perfect if you are very ill, frail or have mental disorders, as it is very gentle. It is also ideal for people with very great physical pain who cannot receive the laying on of hands physically.

And just like a physical Reiki healing, a distant healing can also support the healing of many different types of defects and injuries and create calm, balance and harmony in body and mind.

Price: DKK 600.

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What is Reiki good for?

Reiki strengthens your immune system and is good for inflammatory conditions and imbalances as the treatment can reduce stress, relax and activate the body's own ability to heal.

Reiki loosens blockages, reduces anxiety and restlessness, reduces side effects and discomfort, and helps to balance your energy system. It helps and cleanses on the physical as well as the psychological level and provides new energy in harmony between body, mind and spirit.

It also helps to cleanse and detoxify the body of waste substances and old, stagnant energy, as well as much more.

How does remote healing take place?

Remote healing takes place by either booking individual sessions or a course of at least 4 sessions.

For the session itself, you are at home in your own home, or somewhere else where you have the opportunity to relax and lie down.

The remote healing lasts approximately 35-40 minutes and along the way I will send remote healing to your entire energy system, body, mind and soul. It can vary from person to person and even from time to time, how much you can sense and feel. Sometimes you can feel heat, cold, tingling or some kind of sensation in the body. Other times, you may not notice as much. But no matter what, Reiki energy flows where it needs to go.

The procedure is the same each time if you have booked several sessions. A single healing usually cannot stand alone, but will never hurt. It is therefore always recommended to book courses or several sessions.

Number of treatments & course

I would always recommend a course of at least 4 sessions when we work with healing, so that you get the most out of the treatment.

A single healing session usually cannot stand alone - but it will never hurt to settle for a single treatment every now and then. However, I recommend that you preferably plan to receive healing continuously, or a minimum of 4 treatments in a row, over as few days as possible. This helps the energy integrate into your system and help you far better.

Some experience some improvement after a single healing session, but most experience that several treatments are needed to get the full benefit of the healing.

But how you organize your course is entirely up to you. Reiki can stand alone as a treatment, but there is no doubt that it supports other forms of treatment as well. So you are welcome to combine Reiki healing with other treatments. It just depends on your own needs and wishes.

But my clear recommendation is to book a course of 4 sessions within a few days, if you really want to feel a difference and make a difference for yourself.

Individual sessions - DKK 600.

Course with 4 sessions - DKK 2000.

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