Fluorite is a fascinating crystal that shines with a palette of beautiful colors like a rainbow. If your mind is plagued by excessive noise, turmoil and chaos, fluorite is an ideal crystal for you. It comes to the rescue during periods when the need to clear up old emotional burdens, blockages, negative patterns and confusion is required. Fluorite acts as your guide to ease the fog so you can gain clarity, draw inspiration and bring order into your life.

With its significance as a crystal that transforms chaos into clarity, inspiration and structure, fluorite becomes your invaluable companion in times of challenge and stress. So when you are facing life's challenges or know that a demanding period is approaching, fluorite should be a regular part of your crystal collection and your "crystal first aid kit."


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Rainbow fluorite pocket stoneRainbow fluorite pocket stone
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Grøn flourit tårn
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Rainbow fluorite polished
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Insight - Tourmaline necklace
Insight - Tourmaline necklace Sale price399,00 kr

What is Fluorite?

Fluorite is a naturally occurring mineral. It is known for its colorful appearance and occurs in a wide range of colors including purple, green, blue, yellow, clear and even multicolored. The color varies depending on mineral inclusions and impurities in the crystal.

Fluorite is also known for its spiritual and healing significance. Many people use it as a protective stone and believe that it can help cleanse and balance the energies in the body. Fluorite is also used in crystal therapy to promote clarity, focus and spiritual development.

Where is Fluorite found?

Fluorite is found in various parts of the world and is a relatively common crystal. Some of the regions where fluorite occurs include:

  • China:China is one of the largest producers of fluorite in the world. There are known deposits in provinces such as Hunan, Fujian and Zhejiang.
  • Mexico:Mexico is known for its beautiful fluorite crystals, especially from the state of Durango. Here are some of the most colorful and varied fluorites.
  • Argentina:Argentina also has notable deposits of fluorite, particularly in the province of La Rioja.
  • USA:In the United States, fluorite is found in several states, including Illinois, Kentucky, Colorado, and New Mexico. Illinois is known for some of the most famous fluorite deposits.
  • United Kingdom:Britain, particularly Derbyshire and Weardale in England, has historically been a source of fluorite.
  • Spain:Spain has some deposits of fluorite, and some regions of the country are known for crystals with a bluish hue.

Properties of fluorite

Fluorite is a crystal that has a calming and harmonizing effect on intense energies. It increases your intuitive ability, promotes clarity and opens the door to creative solutions in life. But be aware of its strength, for it also requires you to maintain structure, order, and deep concentration—a degree of focus and self-discipline that you must master when life's challenges become overwhelming.

Fluorite possesses a powerful energy that offers both protection and strength.

Fluorite color variations

Each color variation of fluorite has its own unique properties and compounds. The clear, almost transparent variation is attached to yourscrown chakra, while the purple fluorite is connected toyour third eye. The blue fluorite is associated with yourthroat chakra, the green with your heart energy andheart chakra, and the yellow one withThe Solar Plexus Chakra.

Fluorite acts as a treasure trove of energies in every color of the rainbow that you can draw upon to strengthen yourself, your energy and your mind. You can advantageously use fluorite in meditation and visualization when you are looking for a powerful source of inspiration, new perspectives and a peaceful clarity.

How to use Fluorite

Fluorite can be worn as jewelry, kept in pockets, placed under the pillow or placed in the home wherever desired.

How to clean Fluorite

Cleaning: Incense, Full Moon, Selenite, few hours under the light of the sun.