Crystal bracelet

Find the right crystal bracelet for you that can help bring healing, balance and good energy to your life. We have a large selection of beautiful jewelery adorned with precious stones and crystals , all of which have healing properties.


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Rock crystal braceletRock crystal bracelet
Rock crystal bracelet Sale price159,00 kr
Amethyst bracelet - 4 mm.Amethyst bracelet - 4 mm.
Amethyst bracelet - 4 mm. Sale price99,00 kr
Amethyst braceletAmethyst bracelet
Amethyst bracelet Sale price199,00 kr
Moss agate braceletMoss agate bracelet
Moss agate bracelet Sale price199,00 kr
Crystal mix braceletCrystal mix bracelet
Crystal mix bracelet Sale price199,00 kr
Rosakvarts armbåndRosakvarts armbånd
Rose quartz bracelet Sale price149,00 kr
Ocean jasper braceletOcean jasper bracelet
Ocean jasper bracelet Sale price219,00 kr
Topasjade krystal armbånd - børnTopasjade krystal armbånd - børn
Magnesite braceletMagnesite bracelet
Magnesite bracelet Sale price199,00 kr
Moonstone Rainbow Bracelet (Small Size)Moonstone Rainbow Bracelet (Small Size)
Save 30,00 kr
Amazonite braceletAmazonite bracelet
Amazonite bracelet Sale price119,00 kr Regular price149,00 kr
Amazonite braceletAmazonite bracelet
Amazonite bracelet Sale price199,00 kr
Lilla flourit armbåndLilla flourit armbånd
Purple fluorite bracelet Sale price199,00 kr
Chrysocolla braceletChrysocolla bracelet
Chrysocolla bracelet Sale price249,00 kr
Larimar armbåndLarimar armbånd
Larimar bracelet Sale price219,00 kr
Vandmelon krystal armbånd - børnWatermelon crystal bracelet - children
Serpentine crystalSerpentine crystal
Serpentine crystal Sale price229,00 kr
Turkey braceletTurkey bracelet
Turkey bracelet Sale price349,00 kr
Larimar armbåndLarimar armbånd
Larimar bracelet Sale price249,00 kr
Sodalite braceletSodalite bracelet
Sodalite bracelet Sale price219,00 kr

Crystal Bracelet

Crystal bracelets have been a popular trend for many years. These beautifulcrystal jewelryis adorned with precious stones and crystals, all of which have healing properties. With crystal bracelets you achieve a healing power that creates calm and balance. We also have a large selection ofnecklaces with crystals.

How do crystal bracelets work?

Crystal bracelet works by surrounding the person who wears it with the energies that the crystal contains, e.g.; calmness, positivity, joy or it shields from something, such as negativity, drama or anything else that can have an impact on body and soul. This happens because the crystals reflect the positive energies and absorb the negative energies that are around you. This can help restore energy that has been lost due to stress or other stresses.

What types of crystal bracelets are there?

There are many different types of crystal bracelets, which have different properties. Here are some of the most popular crystals to use in bracelets and jewelry;

Amethyst, rose quartz, jade, topaz, rock crystal, amazonite. These are just a few of the many wonderful crystals out there. Good with your intuition and your intention for what the bracelet should do for you when you select your crystal and your jewelry.

How to choose the right crystal bracelet?

There are many ways you can choose the right crystal bracelet. The best thing is to go for the crystal bracelet that has the characteristic you want. If you want to boost your self-esteem, you can choose a crystal bracelet that is made of crystals that help boost self-esteem. It is also important to look at the design as this can help amplify the energy that the crystals provide.