Krystaller til børn

Zoey Adrianna

Crystals for children

Children of all ages are naturally fascinated by crystals . Captivated by their vibrant energies, stunning beauty and the myriad of shapes and colors they come in. Crystals can be a fantastic portal for children to explore the spiritual world and offer them a glimpse into the beauty of nature

Ametyst klynge

Good beginner crystals for children

  • Amethyst : Known for its calming purple color, amethyst can help calm the mind and promote creativity.
  • Rose Quartz : Rose Quartz's gentle pink hue is perfect for nurturing love, empathy and self-esteem.
  • Clear Quartz : A versatile crystal, clear quartz is excellent for improving focus and removing negative energies.
  • Tiger's Eye : This crystal can inspire confidence and courage in young hearts.
  • Citrine : Bright and colorful citrine is wonderful for promoting joy and positivity.
Topasjade krystal armbånd - børn

This is how children can benefit from crystals

Helping children connect with their crystals can be both simple and effective. Here are some kid-friendly methods:

  • Under the pillow : For older children, it can help to place a crystal under their pillow to align with the crystal's energy, promoting restful sleep.
  • Under the bed : For smaller children, placing it under the bed can be a safe way to keep the crystal's calming presence close, without direct contact.
  • Crystal jewelry : Encourage children to wear their crystals as part of jewelry such as necklaces , bracelets , or in other forms.

I have put together a sweet and fine bracelet for children with beautiful topaz-jade crystals . This bracelet is an obvious opportunity to invite your child into the enchanting world of crystals – a journey full of discovery and play.

If you want a special type of jewelry with your own choice of crystals for your child, this is also possible. The closing mechanism on the jewelry will be made with a magnetic lock, so it is safe for your child to wear. Finally, contact me if we want to make a piece of jewelery together that fits your child and your wishes exactly.
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