Prana magazine
2015: magazine number 16 "I live my dream - and work with the angels"

2016: Woman has got her very own clairvoyant!
2016: A skeptic tries clairvoyance and angel cards
2016: Zoey's Mailbox

2016: Zoey the clairvoyant

Everything for the ladies
2017: Zoey Adrianna on pilgrimage

Radio ManFred
2020: Interview with clairvoyant Zoey Adrianna

2020: Gratitude Journal - Medina's favorite
2020: Saqinaessentials

Camilla Tromborg
2020: Interview with spiritual guide Zoey Adrianna

Podcast: Cathrin Jensen
2020: Zoey Adrianna about clairvoyance, the wisdom of intuition and daring to stand up for yourself and your spirituality

Tv2: The night team
2020: Election coverage November 3

P3: Taboo
2020: Taboo and spirituality

Her World
2021: "Zoey leaped out as spiritual guide"

Podcast: BASIC
2021 : "Everything is energy"

Radio24Syv - The Red Pill

2023: "You can heal others with your hands"