Howlit is a creativity stone that promotes the creative processes and motivates us to act on what we want to achieve. Howlit also helps to create clarity about what is good and creates balance in intense situations.

Howlit is said to amplify our emotions, whether positive or negative, to make us aware of how we feel and then act on it. Howlit also contributes to clarity and truth in our lives and dissolves the veil that can cover our self-perception, our life and our intuition, so that we can once again see clearly and make the choices that serve our highest and best interests.


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Howlite: The crystal of patience and perspective

Howlit is known for itschalk whiteappearance with dark veins, symbolizes patience and perspective. A reminder to stay calm and see things from a higher vantage point, this serene crystal invites you to embrace life's journey with wisdom and clarity.

Healing properties of Howlit

As a sedativecrystal, Howlit soothes body, mind and spirit, promotes wisdom, heightens awareness and provides clear vision. Its gentle energy is a source of comfort and insight, supporting you in navigating the currents of life with grace and understanding.

Protection with Howlit

Howlite acts as an effective purifier of negative energy, absorbs bad vibrations and ensures a connection with the higher realms, while assisting in emotional regulation andreduction of stress. It is your spiritual protector, watching over your calm and your perspective.

This is how you can use Howlit in your everyday life

Howlit can be worn as jewelry, placed at home or at work to improve communication, or hidden under a pillow to promote restful sleep. Its presence in your life is a daily reminder to approach each day with patience and insight.

Cleanse your Howlit crystal

To maintain its energy, Howlit should be purified by holding it under running water. It can also be charged by exposing it to moonlight.Regular cleaning and careensures that your crystal remains a radiant source of reassurance and protection.

Howlite and Chakra

Howlit is an effective purifier of negative energy that connects withthe crown chakra. It is a stone that thirsts for knowledge in all fields, especially when it comes to spiritual knowledge. Howlit also connects to itthird eye chakra, the place of our infinite inner wisdom and deep, heartwarming intuition. For those who are excited to explore the possibility of past lives, Howlit can be helpful in this journey as well.

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