Opalite is a source of inspiration that promotes imagination and creativity. Known for its ability to encourage deep emotional clarity, this stunning crystal acts as a portal to your inner landscape where dreams and visions are given free rein.


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Healing properties of Opalite

Opalite possesses healing energies that can soothe and heal the emotional body, bringing a sense of calm, safety and inner peace. Its soft, soothing energies are a source of comfort and healing, inviting balance and harmony into your heart.

Protection with Opalite

Opalite acts as a protective shield against negative energies, absorbing and reflecting harmful thoughts and intentions back to their source. This crystal is your spiritual protector, watching over your energy and ensuring that you maintain your light and clarity, even in the face of challenges.

The use of Opalit in your everyday life

Opalite can be worn as jewelry, placed on the chakras during meditation, or placed in the home to harness their transformative energies and invite positive vibrations. Its presence in your life is a daily reminder to embrace your creativity, listen to your intuition and live in harmony with your true essence.

Care of Opalite crystals

To maintain the power of Opalite, it is essential to cleanse it regularly, either by placing it under the light of the full moon or by using other crystals such asclear quartzorselenite. Correctcare of your crystalensuring that it remains a brilliant source of inspiration and protection.

Opalite and Chakra

Opalite has a strong connection to severalchakras, each with its unique color and healing properties.BlackOpalit supportsthe root chakraand helps create the feeling of grounding and safety.GreenorpinkOpalit opensthe heart chakra, whileblueOpalite improvesof the throat chakracommunication. Thewhite and clear, which is the most common form of Opalite, promisesthe crown chakraand contributes to spiritual wealth and higher consciousness.

Use Opalite on your journey towards self-realization

Opalite is a stone that enriches your life with color, clarity and creative power. By embracing this crystal you invite a journey towards self-expression, healing and spiritual awakening. Let opal be your companion on this journey and experience how it transforms your world with its beauty and magic.