Black crystals

Black crystals , often misunderstood, represent power, mystery and elegance. Despite associations with negativity in some cultures, black is also seen as a symbol of strength and vitality. On the page you will find my carefully selected assortment of beautiful black crystals.


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Tigerøje lommestenTigerøje lommesten
Rock crystal Sale price29,00 kr
Midnightstone Sale price19,00 kr
Malachite polished
Malachite polished Sale price29,00 kr
Mahogni Obsidian
Mahogany Obsidian Sale price29,00 kr
Obsidian poleret
Obsidian polished Sale price29,00 kr
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Ocean jasper braceletOcean jasper bracelet
Ocean jasper bracelet Sale price219,00 kr
Black labradorite
Black labradorite Sale price29,00 kr
Hematite polished
Hematite polished Sale price39,00 kr
Tourmaline quartzTourmaline quartz
Tourmaline quartz Sale price69,00 kr
Obsidian raw Obsidian raw
Obsidian raw Sale price39,00 kr
Falkeøje poleretFalkeøje poleret
Hawk eye polished Sale price29,00 kr
Tourmaline braceletTourmaline bracelet
Tourmaline bracelet Sale price189,00 kr
PEACEFUL HARMONY necklace Sale price449,00 kr
Feijiang agat poleret
Feijiang agate polished Sale price29,00 kr
Tigerøje poleretTigerøje poleret
Tiger eye polished Sale price39,00 kr
Orthoceras fossil bowlOrthoceras fossil bowl
Orthoceras fossil bowl Sale price199,00 kr
Hematite braceletHematite bracelet
Hematite bracelet Sale price199,00 kr
Insight - Tourmaline necklaceInsight - Tourmaline necklace
Insight - Tourmaline necklace Sale price499,00 kr
Tourmaline quartz necklace
Tourmaline quartz necklace Sale price379,00 kr
Release - Smoky quartz necklaceRelease - Smoky quartz necklace
HEART necklaceHEART necklace
HEART necklace Sale price459,00 kr
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Fossil Jasper necklaceFossil Jasper necklace
Fossil Jasper necklace Sale price259,00 kr
Dalmatian necklaceDalmatian necklace
Dalmatian necklace Sale price299,00 kr
Shungite Sale priceFrom 19,00 kr
Obsidian necklaceObsidian necklace
Obsidian necklace Sale price449,00 kr
Mini druzy agate towerMini druzy agate tower
Mini druzy agate tower Sale price89,00 kr
Mini druzy agate towerMini druzy agate tower
Mini druzy agate tower Sale price99,00 kr
Druzy Agate towerDruzy Agate tower
Druzy Agate tower Sale price139,00 kr
Druzy Agate towerDruzy Agate tower
Druzy Agate tower Sale price219,00 kr
Druzy Agate tower
Druzy Agate tower Sale price219,00 kr

Healing properties of black crystals

Contrary to societal associations with darkness, black crystals represent power, wisdom and protection. Essential for balance, they offer refuge to our basic self and resonate with our root chakra to protect against negative emotions.

Emotional healing with black crystals

Black gemstones and crystals are essential for emotional well-being and offer strength, anxiety relief and balance. They resonate with power and elegance and appeal to a deep, instinctive part of ourselves.

Benefits for mind and body

In meditation, black gemstones promote purification and mental peace. Physically, they are believed to relieve pain, cleanse the system and improve well-being.

Spiritual reinforcement with black stones

Black crystals protect against negative spiritual influences, improve mental clarity and promote spiritual growth. They are used in meditation to strengthen your connection to the universe while keeping you grounded.

Black crystals in everyday life

  • Relationships: Black crystals strengthen relationships, highlight truths and overcome challenges.
  • In the home: Placing black stones around the home invites their protective energies within and contributes to improved sleep and relationships.
  • Jewelry: To wear black gems aspendantfor examplebraceletornecklacesoffers protection and dissolves negative energy.

Black crystals and chakras

Black stones play a significant role in spiritual healing, especially they affectthe root chakra, the firstchakrain our system. They reinforce a sense of security and can help overcome feelings of instability and create a stronger grounding connection.

Popular Black Crystals:

  • Obsidian: Volcanic glass that forms in the intense heat on contact with water.
  • Labradorite: It is the crystal of dreams and its spiritual meaning focuses on just that.
  • Midnightstone: It encourages you to pursue your goals and equips you with purpose and determination.