Green crystals

Green crystals enhance personal well-being and can promote happiness, contentment and good health. Like nature itself, these crystals encourage growth, emotional well-being and expansion of your inner self. These crystals  has a pleasant energy that promotes emotional health and healing.


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Smaragd Calcit
Emerald Calcite Sale price10,00 kr Regular price19,00 kr
Pyrit - lille
Pyrite - small Sale price49,00 kr
Turkey Sale priceFrom 25,00 kr
Moss agate braceletMoss agate bracelet
Moss agate bracelet Sale price199,00 kr
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Nephrite Jade
Nephrite Jade Sale price25,00 kr Regular price39,00 kr
Jade poleretJade poleret
Jade polished Sale price39,00 kr
Mos agat
Moss agate Sale price39,00 kr
Crystal mix braceletCrystal mix bracelet
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Magnesite braceletMagnesite bracelet
Magnesite bracelet Sale price199,00 kr
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Grøn flourit tårn
Green fluorite tower Sale price79,00 kr
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Malachite & lapis lazuli necklaceMalachite & lapis lazuli necklace
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Moonstone Rainbow Bracelet (Small Size)Moonstone Rainbow Bracelet (Small Size)
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Amazonite braceletAmazonite bracelet
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Moonstone Sale price29,00 kr
Amazonit poleret
Amazonite polished Sale price29,00 kr
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Hjerte kvarts
Heart quartz Sale price59,00 kr
Long amazonite necklaceLong amazonite necklace
Long amazonite necklace Sale price449,00 kr
PEACEFUL HARMONY necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Malachite polished
Malachite polished Sale price29,00 kr
Aqua agat poleretAqua agat poleret
Moss agate polished Sale price30,00 kr
Pyrite Sale price99,00 kr
Rainbow fluorite pocket stoneRainbow fluorite pocket stone
Trust - Turkey necklaceTrust - Turkey necklace
Trust - Turkey necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Larimar armbåndLarimar armbånd
Larimar bracelet Sale price219,00 kr
Chrysocolla braceletChrysocolla bracelet
Chrysocolla bracelet Sale price249,00 kr
Amazonite necklace
Amazonite necklace Sale price379,00 kr
Amazonite necklaceAmazonite necklace
Amazonite necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Amazonit halskædeAmazonit halskæde
Amazonit halskæde Sale price449,00 kr

Green crystals and their meaning

Green crystals offer a unique connection to the earth's energy and bring metaphysical and healing benefits. It is also the color of the heart chakra and therefore strengthens everything that relates to the heart, physically and mentally.

The symbolism of green crystals

Green, often associated with growth, symbolizes prosperity and progress. Regular use of green stones can help manifest financial success and personal growth, both in business and spirituality. These gemstones are essential for grounding and connecting with nature.

Achieve balance with green crystals

Green jewelery symbolizes new beginnings, balance and harmony. They are known to balance the soul and mood, strengthen the connection between heart and mind, and promote growth.

The use of green stones can infuse energy and promote peace, wisdom and general well-being. They are also believed to attract wealth and increase happiness in life.

Green crystals harmony with the heart chakra

In the crystal healing world, green is an essential color, especially for creating harmonythe heart chakra. Thischakra, located along the midline of the body, is essential for spiritual growth and emotional development. Green crystals fill the heart chakra with mutual love energy and acceptance of love.

Popular Green Crystals:

  • Jade:Jade is a beautiful, green crystal that has been used throughout the ages to open the heart and let love flow.
  • Amazonite:Amazonite is a powerful stone that acts as a symbol of strength and courage.
  • Fluorite:If you experience excessive noise, turmoil and chaos in your mind, then fluorite may be the ideal crystal for you.