Turquoise is one of the most healing crystals you can invite into your life. It not only brings physical healing and grounding benefits, but also elevates your mental well-being by promoting qualities such as calmness, creativity, empathy and intuition. This stone is your support in expressing your truth and embracing and integrating all facets of your being. Turquoise protects your energy with love.


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A protector through time and tradition

Over the centuries, turquoise has been recognized and admired by various cultures around the world. Considered a powerful protective stone in many indigenous societies, turquoise has been a shield against negativity and potential danger. Its history is rich in traditions where it symbolizes wisdom, peace and prosperity.

Turquoise: Your shield against negativity

Turquoise is a recognized stone of protection, known for its ability to shield the wearer from negative energies and unwanted influences. It is said to create an energetic defense that instills a deep sense of safety and security in the wearer.

Clairvoyance and communication

Turquoise stands as a bastion of clarity and communication. It is believed that the stone enhances the ability to communicate clearly and truthfully, and strengthens the connection between mind and heart. This makes it easier to express thoughts and feelings openly. Furthermore, turquoise supports self-expression and creativity by paving the way for creative energies to flow effortlessly.

Turquoise and chakra

The Turkish crystal plays a central role in the spiritual journey. It supports spiritual growth by activatingthe third eye chakra, which strengthens the connection to inner wisdom and intuition. Many choose to wear turquoise as onejewelry,braceletornecklaceto benefit from its protective and spiritual properties, and uses it during meditation to strengthen the spiritual connection and achieve inner peace. Also see:Great guide to the 7 chakras.

Turquoise Crystal: Beauty meets Spirituality

Turkey's crystal stands as a testimony to a unique fusion of beauty and spirituality. Its spiritual benefits make it a sought-after element in any crystal collection and a source of inspiration and healing for those seeking inner harmony and spiritual growth. Let the beautifulblue crystalbecome part of your daily journey and be enchanted by its protective energy and spiritual magic.