Purple crystals

Purple crystals are among the most popular crystals - both because of their rare color and their powerful energy. The energy from stones in purple colors is known to be particularly stimulating for your energy field. Purple stones have powerful metaphysical properties and this color is well known for its influence on the third eye chakra.


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Heart pendantHeart pendant
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Ametyst klyngeAmetyst klynge
Amethyst cluster Sale priceFrom 35,00 kr
Ametyst lommesten
Amethyst pocket stone Sale price19,00 kr
Amethyst bracelet - 4 mm.Amethyst bracelet - 4 mm.
Amethyst bracelet - 4 mm. Sale price119,00 kr
Amethyst braceletAmethyst bracelet
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Amethyst polishedAmethyst polished
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Rå ametyst vedhæng
Raw amethyst pendant Sale price49,00 kr
Amethyst necklaceAmethyst necklace
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Raw Amethyst Sale price149,00 kr
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Ametyst tårnAmetyst tårn
Amethyst tower Sale price79,00 kr
Cacoxenite Amethyst
Cacoxenite Amethyst Sale price25,00 kr
HIGH VIBE necklaceHIGH VIBE necklace
HIGH VIBE necklace Sale priceFrom 449,00 kr
Handmade incense - Palo Santo & FrankincenseHandmade incense - Palo Santo & Frankincense
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Handmade incense - Palo Santo & RosemaryHandmade incense - Palo Santo & Rosemary
Morning Star Incense - Rose
Morning Star Incense - Rose Sale price35,00 kr
Morning Star Incense - Lotus
Morning Star Incense - Lotus Sale price35,00 kr
Morning Star Incense - Patchouli
Morning Star Incense - Sage
Morning Star Incense - Sage Sale price35,00 kr
Morning Star Incense - Lavender
Chevron amethyst tipChevron amethyst tip
Chevron amethyst tip Sale price119,00 kr
Handmade incense cones - Amber & Orange
Handmade incense - FrankincenseHandmade incense - Frankincense
Morning Star Incense - Vanilla
Morning Star Incense - Amber
Morning Star Incense - Amber Sale price35,00 kr
Morning Star Incense - Pine
Morning Star Incense - Pine Sale price35,00 kr
Rainbow necklaceRainbow necklace
Rainbow necklace Sale price249,00 kr
Amethyst necklace - pointedAmethyst necklace - pointed
Amethyst necklace - pointed Sale price399,00 kr
THIRD-EYE necklaceTHIRD-EYE necklace
THIRD-EYE necklace Sale price499,00 kr
Handmade incense cones - Lavender
Handmade Incense - Palo Santo & PatchouliHandmade Incense - Palo Santo & Patchouli

The Spiritual Significance of Purple Crystals

Purple crystals carry deep spiritual meanings and have been an integral part of various traditions and cultures.

Historically, purple has been perceived as a color of royalty and spirituality. Purple crystals therefore symbolize spiritual strength and were often used by priests and spiritual leaders as a sign of their wisdom and authority. They also represent the ability to master magical energies.

Embrace Spiritual Growth with Purple Crystals:

Today, purple crystals are a symbol of spiritual awareness and growth. They capture the journey of connecting to higher realms and progress in one's spiritual ascension.

Purple crystals for enhanced spiritual awareness

Known for their powerful spiritual influence, purple crystals are closely associated with the third eye chakra, promoting spiritual healing and enlightenment.

Purple crystals are a staple in spiritual healing practices due to their ability to ward off negative energies.

Benefits of purple crystals

To incorporatecrystalsin your life, whether for meditation, as part of your daily attire, or as a decorative element in your home, can help improve spiritual understanding, bring clarity to your psyche and offer a sense of calm. Embrace the mystical energy of purple crystals to deepen d

Chakra and purple crystals

Purple crystals, with their mesmerizing hues, can imbue you with mythical joy. Symbols of magic and mystery, these gems are powerful instruments of heavenly healing and are deeply connected tothe crown chakra- which is the seventh and lastchakra.

Purple crystals are also attachedThe Third Eye Chakra, which connects us with our intuition and wisdom. When the Third Eye is open, uncertainty dissolves and we are able to follow our hearts without fear or confusion.

Popular purple crystals: