Crystal necklaces

Explore our large selection of crystal necklaces and gemstone jewelry. These beautiful pieces of jewelery are sure to give your look a touch of elegance and edge. Find the perfect necklace or piece of jewelry to suit any occasion!


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Amethyst necklaceAmethyst necklace
Amethyst necklace Sale price389,00 kr
Solsten halskædeSolsten halskæde
Solsten halskæde Sale price449,00 kr
Amazonite necklace
Amazonite necklace Sale price379,00 kr
PEACEFUL HARMONY necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Citrine necklaceCitrine necklace
Citrine necklace Sale price389,00 kr
Rock crystal necklaceRock crystal necklace
Rock crystal necklace Sale price389,00 kr
Tourmaline quartz necklace
Tourmaline quartz necklace Sale price379,00 kr
Sunstone necklaceSunstone necklace
Sunstone necklace Sale price389,00 kr
Tiger's eye necklace - pointedTiger's eye necklace - pointed
Tiger's eye necklace - pointed Sale price349,00 kr
Apatite necklace - pointedApatite necklace - pointed
Apatite necklace - pointed Sale price399,00 kr
Chalcedony necklaceChalcedony necklace
Chalcedony necklace Sale price449,00 kr
Citrine necklaceCitrine necklace
Citrine necklace Sale price389,00 kr
Power - Black agate necklacePower - Black agate necklace
Power - Black agate necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Balance - Rainbow fluorite necklaceBalance - Rainbow fluorite necklace
Astro necklaceAstro necklace
Astro necklace Sale price444,00 kr
Moon & Sun necklaceMoon & Sun halskæde
Moon & Sun necklace Sale price444,00 kr
Starry Night necklaceStarry Night necklace
Starry Night necklace Sale price444,00 kr
Rød tourmalin halskædeRød tourmalin halskæde
Rød tourmalin halskæde Sale price499,00 kr
Clarity - Rock crystal necklaceClarity - Rock crystal necklace
Amazon - Amazonite necklaceAmazon - Amazonite necklace
Amazon - Amazonite necklace Sale price399,00 kr
INTENTION necklaceINTENTION necklace
INTENTION necklace Sale price499,00 kr
Insight - Tourmaline necklace
Insight - Tourmaline necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Release - Smoky quartz necklaceRelease - Smoky quartz necklace
Trust - Turkey necklaceTrust - Turkey necklace
Trust - Turkey necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Sold out
HARA necklaceHARA necklace
HARA necklace Sale price449,00 kr
Worth - Botswana agate necklaceWorth - Botswana agate necklace
Loving - Rose quartz necklaceLoving - Rose quartz necklace
Loving - Rose quartz necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Sold out
Pink agat halskædePink agat halskæde
Pink agat halskæde Sale price349,00 kr
High vibes - Larimar necklaceHigh vibes - Larimar necklace
High vibes - Larimar necklace Sale price399,00 kr
Amazonit halskædeAmazonit halskæde
Amazonit halskæde Sale price449,00 kr

Crystal necklaces

Do you dream of a stylish look? Then try our selection of crystal necklaces! These beautiful pieces of jewelry will make you stand out, no matter what type of outfit you choose. Our crystal necklaces are sure to add a touch of elegance to your look.

Get the perfect look with crystal necklaces

Crystal necklaces are perfect to complement a chic look. Whether you want a formal or casual look, the shiny crystals on the necklace will add a touch of glamor to your style. With us you will find a large selection of crystal necklaces that suit every occasion.

Precious stone jewelry - a stylish accessory

Gemstone jewelry is another type of jewelry that will help you get the perfect look. These beautiful jewelry are made of precious stones like ruby, sapphire, peridot and many more. Most gemstone jewelry has a stylish design that will catch people's eyes. Whether you want a stylish or more casual look, gemstone jewelery can help you create the perfect style. See also our selection ofcoastal alarm tape.

Your crystal jewelery must be looked after

To ensure that your crystal jewelery stays beautiful and shiny, it is important that you take good care of it.Crystal jewelrymust be stored separately so that they do not come into contact with other jewellery. It is also important to clean them regularly and avoid using chemicals for cleaning. The best way to clean crystals is by intention, incense, white sage, a clean dry jewelry polishing cloth. Or by placing them in sun or moonstone, so that they can be cleansed and 'charged' with good and loving energy.

Crystal chains - a beautiful accessory for any occasion

Crystal necklaces are a beautiful accessory that can be worn for any occasion. These chains are made of realcrystals, which is cut and polished to create a beautiful and sparkling look. There is a large selection of crystal necklaces that contain different colors and sizes of crystals. Whether you want a formal or casual look, crystal necklaces can help you create the perfect look.