Pink crystals

Pink is the color of love, radiating love and care. Pink crystals are not only beautiful to behold, but they also hold deep healing properties that can touch all matters of the heart.

Working with pink crystals can promote inner calm, emotional balance and self-acceptance. These crystals support a journey of self-discovery and love, where the beautiful pink shades of pink carry a special energy that promotes harmony and well-being. In the presence of these crystals one can find comfort, support and gentle guidance in life's emotional landscape.


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Rose quartz crystal
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Rosakvarts poleret
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Rosakvarts armbåndRosakvarts armbånd
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Pink agat halskædePink agat halskæde
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Rainbow necklaceRainbow necklace
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Matte rose quartz necklaceMatte rose quartz necklace
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Loving - Rose quartz necklaceLoving - Rose quartz necklace
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Cacoxenite Amethyst
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PURE necklacePURE necklace
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Benefits of pink crystals

Known for their heart-warming and calming properties, pink crystals are believed to bring emotional calm, physical relaxation and nourishing energy. They are especially valued for promoting self-love, self-respect and self-acceptance, which enriches all forms of love. For those seeking to attract or enhance romantic relationships, placing pink crystals in the bedroom can be beneficial. Rose quartz is particularly good at shielding against radiation from electronics. Put them on the desk, by the television or by your phone.

Harmony of pink crystals with the heart chakra

The heart chakra, also known asAnahata, is an essential energy center in the body, crucial for the cultivation of love in its many forms – from romance and self-love to connection and friendship.

When you meditate with pink crystals, their energies activate the heart chakra and fill your mind, body and spirit with uplifting, positive energy.

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Popular pink crystals:

  • Rose quartz: An ideal helper to attract more love into your life.
  • Rhodonite: Holding a rhodonite stone induces forgiveness, compassion and release of fear.