What is clairvoyance?

Do you want answers to your questions, advice, guidance or perhaps just inner peace and clarity about your strengths, challenges and your way forward? Then clairvoyance is for you!

Clairvoyance means clairvoyance - i.e. being able to see clearly. However, clairvoyants do not only use clairvoyance when they do clairvoyance. It is usually a mixture of clairvoyance , clairvoyance and clairaudience .

A clairvoyant is therefore in possession of several abilities: A clairvoyance (a strongly developed spiritual and sensual feeling that is felt on one's own body) A clairaudience (communication that is conveyed from the clairvoyant to the person) A clairvoyance (a spiritual ability to see and describe the processes that the message is about)

What can I use clairvoyance for?

Clairvoyance can be used for several different things. Some clients use clairvoyance to get concrete and clear answers to some personal questions they need answered. Others use clairvoyance to get some help with challenges they themselves find difficult to solve. Most often, the answer is right in front of our noses, but it is not always that we humans ourselves see clearly when it comes to ourselves. Therefore, the clairvoyant can see clearly for the client and provide the answers, tools and solutions to the challenges that are needed.

Sometimes we humans also have an idea of ​​what the challenge or problem is, but the spiritual world has a different view of things and can therefore guide us with information we didn't even know we needed.

With clairvoyance you therefore get advice and insight into topics such as:

• Emotional challenges
• Personal development
• Your future
• Answer your questions

Clairvoyance is a very nice way to get help from the spiritual world. The spiritual or spiritual world sees us humans in a different way than we see ourselves – with more loving and understanding eyes and has a helicopter view of our situation that we ourselves lack. So sometimes it is difficult for us humans to see the meaning of certain situations, but the universe can help us get clarity.

Clairvoyance is for you where:

• Want answers to your questions
• Want clarification
• Want greater insight into yourself and your life
• Needs inner peace
• Need help, guidance and insight in relation to some challenges or dilemmas you are facing
• Wants to let go of worries and find peace instead
• Has difficulty making decisions
• Needs a push in the right direction
• Want to know what messages are from the spiritual world

What does a clairvoyant do?

A clairvoyant acts as a kind of mouthpiece between the spiritual world and you . So the messages, messages and tools that may be for you, the clairvoyant passes on to you. The universe always has a lot of nice messages and tools for us, which are often beyond the reach of our own senses. Therefore, it can be good to get help from a clairvoyant who can pass on what would be good for you to know.

Clairvoyants, however, do not only use this clairvoyance, which clairvoyance actually means. We also use our clairaudience and clairsentience . So often it is a mixture of seeing, hearing and feeling the messages that can get through us. All in all, these abilities are used to help other people live the best, most harmonious and loving lives. And that is exactly what my mission is, to lift other people up and help them live the best life they can live!

Themes that my clients come to me with can include:

• Relationship
• Family/children's friendships
• Relationships in general
• Job/education
• Economy
• Personal development
• Spirituality
• Break the negative patterns
• Crises and grief
• Heal

Feel free to contact me if you have more questions about clairvoyance or need more information. I can be contacted at mail via kontakt@zoeyadrianna.dk or by phone on +4526112686 . You can also book a free introductory conversation of 10 minutes right here .

The difference between physical, telephonic and written clairvoyance

There is no difference in the quality of the messages and answers you get , regardless of whether you choose a clairvoyance face to face, by telephone or in writing, as I as a clairvoyant tune in to your energy, it is subordinate to where we both are. Some simply prefer to get it in writing, others to speak on the phone and some prefer to sit face to face. Some like to be able to read the messages over and over, while others need to hear my voice and me say it. The good thing about telephonic or face-to-face clairvoyance is also that if there is something you need to ask more about, or something else comes up during clairvoyance that you need to ask about, then it is an option.

But regardless of which form you choose, written, telephone or face-to-face, you will get the answers and tools you now need. Besides that, distant clairvoyance (where you are not in the same room) is just as good and powerful as if you were sitting across from each other. The beauty of clairvoyance is that you don't have to be in the same room to receive the messages. For some it can even be an advantage, as you are not focused on the other person's facial expressions and the like, but that the focus is one hundred percent on the messages themselves and the energy that is there..

Clairvoyance gives you inner peace

Clairvoyance is also a beautiful and loving way to gain inner peace. The spiritual world knows you better and often sees sides that we humans are not aware of. And clairvoyance helps to create a more harmonious present and future, as we can instead become aware of where and why we may be acting inappropriately and what we should do or focus on instead. So the spiritual world can clearly and distinctly see us human strengths and potentials, as well as see the challenges that limit us, and instead show us the way, so that we can release the blockages and get past the obstacles that may be there. So in that way, it helps to create more inner calm, to free us from our blockages, so that we can instead live a calm, harmonious life with more joy.

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