Self-expression and creativity are promoted by moonstone, which calms and awakens the mind with loving and caring energies. It releases emotional tension and cleanses the surroundings of negative energies. The moonstone emits a motherly and caring force that creates feelings of security and love.


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What is Moonstone?

Moonstone is a variety of orthoclase and thus belongs to the group of feldspar. The mineral is semi-transparent/translucent with a layered structure, which on cut stones gives a "mysterious" bluish-white glow, reminiscent of the moon or the moon's reflection in water.

Where are moonstones found?

Moonstones are found in several places in the world, such as in India, Madagascar, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Poland and the Alps in Europe. The finest grades known to us are often mined in India. The moonstone is also the birthstone for the month of June.

Spiritual Properties of the Moonstone

For millennia, the enchanting moonstone has been prized, and historians believe that ancient cultures also knew and revered this gemstone. The Romans believed that the stone was formed by the weathered rays of the moon, while Hindus saw in the moonstone the symbol of divine feminine powers. The Mayans adorned themselves with beautiful necklaces studded with moonstones and, like most other cultures, viewed the moon as a manifestation of the feminine energies as it lives in a perpetual, monthly cycle, parallel to woman's own nature.

The moonstone is said to be connected to intuition, dreams and the divine feminine. It is believed to promote emotional balance, contemplation and symbolize life-giving feminine divinity, fertility and sensuality. It is a powerful crystal with deep meanings.

Physical properties of Moonstone

Moonstone is considered in some cultures and spiritual traditions to have certain potential healing properties for the body. Here are some of the potential healing properties traditionally attributed to moonstone:

  • Emotional balance: Moonstone is said to help balance emotions and reduce stress and anxiety. It is believed to promote emotional stability and inner peace.

  • Hormonal regulation: Some people believe that moonstone can support hormonal balance, especially in women, and help relieve symptoms associated with menstruation and menopause.

  • Fertility: In certain cultures, the moonstone is considered a stone that can promote fertility and help women conceive.

  • Sleep and dreams: Moonstone is said to improve sleep quality and promote lucid and meaningful dreams.

  • Digestion: In some traditional medical systems, moonstone is used to relieve digestive problems and promote healthy digestion.

  • Connection with the feminine: The moonstone has a strong connection with the feminine and female energies and is said to help strengthen the feminine side of one's personality.

Moonstone has a healing effect that relieves stress, tension and hyperactivity, giving you a sense of calm and well-being.

How to use the Moonstone

Use the moonstone as a gentle and loving support when you want to strengthen your intuition and bring balance and more feminine energy into your life. The moonstone can be worn as jewelry, kept in pockets, placed under the pillow or placed in the home wherever desired.

How to clean moonstone

Selenite, incense, sunlight, and moonlight can all be used to purify the moonstone.

General about moonstone:

Chakra: Crown

Clean: Selenite, incense, sunlight and moonlight

Zodiac sign: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio