Opalite polished

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Creativity, inspiration and spiritual growth

Opalite crystal is an enchanting gemstone known for its spectacular ability to reflect and refract light into a kaleidoscope of colors. This unique stone has captured the human imagination for centuries with its beauty and mystery. properties and meanings.

Opalite is best known for its unique and changing color play, containing a wide range of colors that seem to dance beneath the surface. This visual beauty has made opalite a sought-after gemstone in jewelry and decorative artwork.

Opalite is said to promote creativity and inspiration. It is believed to help connect the wearer with their inner creative potential and open the door to artistic expression. Opalite crystal is considered to have a calming and balancing effect on the emotions. It helps relieve stress and anxiety, promote inner peace and harmony. Opalite is linked to spiritual development and connection. It is believed to increase the wearer's understanding of spiritual aspects of life and can open up spiritual insights and wisdom. Opalite is considered a protective stone that helps shield the wearer from negative energy and evil spirits. It can also help cleanse and strengthen the aura field.

Opalite is often used in meditation to deepen the connection with one's spiritual self and promote spiritual growth. It can also be worn as jewelry to enjoy its aesthetic beauty and the spiritual properties it contains. In the vast world of crystals, opal is a stone that both enchants the eye and enriches the soul. Its changing colors and depth make it a unique stone with a deep spiritual meaning that can bring balance, creativity and inspiration into one's life.

All stones and crystals are unique and therefore there may be differences in size, shape and appearance. They have all been carefully selected.

Opalite is a man-made stone. The price is per. pieces

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Opalite polished


1-2 cm




Incense, Full Moon, a few hours in the sun's rays



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