Warm and present! 5 stars from here. Spot On.

Warm and present person, even through Zoey's emails... can highly recommend using Zoey and this is certainly not the last time I will make use of her skills.


Zoey is a loner who can be HIGHLY recommended.

I have been to a lecture by her where I felt so comfortable that I felt safe asking for help in clarifying a question. I have not regretted that


I got answers to 3 clairvoyant questions today - absolutely fantastic.

It's crazy to see how much she hits the spot! Even though it was done by email, she was incredibly present and accommodating. I am very satisfied

Ann P

Dear Zoey Adrianna!

You are a fantastic and REALLY GOOD person and thank you so much for you AND ALL YOUR HELP. I can't give you enough stars

Sonja A

Just contacted Zoey, the answer she sends back is so true, so complete and completely hits the spot. Thank you for your reply.

Trina D

Ultra sweet, present, empathetic and loving.

Zoey is fantastic and gives exactly the push that needs to be given to find the way in life again.

Cecilia O

I have always received help from this amazing woman when I felt I needed it the most.

And the help has been beyond perfect every time, and has given me a lot of peace and strength! so if i can recommend her?

CLEARLY! She is fantastic!

Louise T

Zoey is sweet, warm and hearty. I felt really safe and welcomed with love.

And then I got some really good answers, which I think are "spot on". So the warmest recommendations from here

Tina N

A warm-hearted and empathetic woman who can give you answers to what you are thinking about. I attended a session with Zoey and also got answers to many questions that have been a part of my life for a long time. Zoey was good at conveying the loving answers of the angels and the universe to what I have always unconsciously known. Highly recommend Zoey. 5 stars from here.

Lots of love from
Tina Hviid Nielsen

Rick S

Zoey gets my warmest recommendations, all the times she has laid cards for me, it has been spot - on.

She gives such in-depth answers and useful advice.

I have been extremely satisfied

Heidi C

The most amazing answers I got to my 3 questions, as if Zoey could read me deep into mine, she hit my questions so much right on both good and bad, or you just needed a little push in the right direction, I have no doubts about who I should write to when I need it.

I can feel she is there for me when I need it.


Sarah R

I can give the warmest recommendations.

I got answers to my questions and the file was drawn.

Zoey hit the spot-on. I got a lot of guidance regarding which path will be good for me.

Eben J

I "accidentally" discovered Zoey one day and felt almost at home, immediately. I wrote to her with 3 questions and got such a loving energy back, her reading was SO accurate! I felt really helped and guided..

Have had readings 3 times now and will definitely continue to take advantage of this amazing opportunity! She is a gift to us - who need a little help to find our way in life. I also really appreciate she acknowledges all kinds of questions! I felt taken seriously and respected


Thank you so much for passing on the nice messages so clearly to me. ✨

There isn't one thing that I can't nod in recognition of, so now I just land in deep acceptance after reading your beautiful writing.

Thank you for writing in such a nice and comprehensive way. You have to say there is a bit to work with and I am very pleased about that. It has now also brought a few smiles and laughs with it and it resonates deeply that there is so much insistence on boundaries, now I have to understand it! 😂

Now all this has to land and then I hope you will convey more messages to me one day when I need new guidance. It is a very beautiful experience.

Thank you very much 🙏🏻

Trust pilot