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Calm & balance

Jade crystal, also known as simply "jade," is a breathtaking gemstone that has captured the human imagination for centuries. Its appeal goes far beyond its physical beauty; Jade holds a special place in many cultures around the world and is cultivated for its spiritual and healing properties.

Jade exists in two primary forms: nephrite and jadeite, each with its own unique characteristics and cultural significance. Nephrite jade, found in various shades of green, is often associated with ancient China, where it was considered the "imperial gemstone" and a symbol of purity, tranquility and longevity. Jadeite jade, with its vivid green, purple and other colorful variations, is more rare and highly sought after in modern times, especially in Southeast Asia.

The energy of jade is believed to be deeply calming and balancing. It is believed to promote harmony between body, mind and spirit, making it a popular choice for meditation and spiritual practices. Many people wear jade jewelry or have a jade stone to promote inner peace, emotional stability, and a sense of general well-being.

Jade's timeless beauty and enduring symbolism make it a prized gemstone both in jewelry and in the world of spirituality. Whether you value it for its aesthetics, its calming presence, or its potential healing benefits, jade remains a source of fascination and awe for people around the globe. Jade is a fine and wonderfully balancing stone. It is said to bring luck, wealth and help you realize your potential. It helps you achieve your goals and solve your challenges that you may encounter along the way.

To attract more money, at the end of the day you can empty your pockets of money in a bowl in which you place the jade crystal - this is said in old belief to attract more abundance.

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Jade polished

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