The beautiful selenite crystal is named after the Greek moon goddess "Selene".
Selenite has an ability to create a sense of calm, purity and clarity and is also said to create a connection between you and the universe.

It has been used for many hundreds of years to remove bad energy, evil spirits and heal body, mind and spirit, as well as help to open our channels and for communication with the spiritual world.


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Selenit stykkerSelenit stykker
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Selenite heartSelenite heart
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Selenite moonSelenite moon
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Selenit kugleSelenit kugle
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Polished selenite rodPolished selenite rod
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Selenite towerSelenite tower
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Selenit skålSelenit skål
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Selenite plateSelenite plate
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Selenit måne-skålSelenit måne-skål
Selenit måne-skål Sale priceFrom 149,00 kr


Selenite is a magical crystal with an unusual glow. It is one of the most powerful crystals on earth that has the ability to create a sense of calm and clarity.

What is selenite?

Selenite is a diverse mineral that forms from sediments stabilized by calcium sulfate. It has a light, white to gray color and a smooth, glass-like surface. It has an unusual glow and a crystal glow when in sunlight.

How does selenite work?

Selenite has many magical properties that help open energy pathways and bring balance to the body. It can help improve concentration and focus, as well as increase insight. Selenite can also help open chakras and remove negative energies from the body.

Create calm and clarity with selenite

Selenite is the perfect crystal to create a sense of calm and clarity. It helps remove negative energies and open up positive energies. When you hold selenite, you can feel a greater connection to the Earth and the sense of freedom and clarity.

This is how selenite removes bad energy

Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals when it comes to removing bad energy. When you hold selenite, it can help absorb bad energy from your body and surrounding environment. It can help cleanse your home and remove negative energies so you can enjoy a sense of harmony and balance.