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Confidence, creativity and wisdom

Turquoise has been known and valued by different cultures throughout time. In many indigenous societies, turquoise was considered a powerful protective stone that shielded the wearer from negative energy and dangers. It was also considered a symbol of wisdom, peace and prosperity.

Turquoise crystal is often seen as a protective stone that helps shield the wearer from negative energy and bad vibrations. It is believed to create an energetic shield around the wearer that promotes a sense of safety and security.

Turquoise is also associated with communication and clarity. It is believed to help improve communication skills and express oneself clearly and honestly. It can also help strengthen the mind-heart connection, making it easier to express feelings and thoughts. In addition, turquoise crystal is said to promote self-expression and creativity by helping to release inner blockages and allowing a stream of creativity to flow freely.

Spiritual development is also an important dimension of turquoise. It is believed to support spiritual growth and development by opening the third eye chakra and strengthening the connection to one's inner wisdom and intuition. Many people wear turquoise crystal as jewelry or amulet to enjoy its protective and spiritual properties. It is also used in meditation to deepen the connection to one's spiritual self and promote inner peace and clarity.

Overall, turquoise crystal is a deeply meaningful stone that combines beauty and spirituality in a unique way. Its spiritual properties make it a valuable addition to crystal collections and a source of inspiration and healing for those seeking inner balance and spiritual development.

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