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Deep calm & gentle energy

Amazonite, a beautiful and calming crystal, brings with it a deep connection to both nature and the heart. With its characteristic blue-green color and gentle energy, amazonite is a powerful crystal. Amazonite is said to have been used in the Amazon by the female warriors to adorn their shields and give them strength. Carry this fine crystal in your pocket if you feel you need a little loving strength, power and support.

The crystal's most significant message is its heart opening and ability to create balance and harmony in life. Amazonite is known as "the stone of honesty and truth." It encourages honest self-reflection and helps us communicate our feelings and thoughts in a genuine and loving way. This makes it a powerful crystal for improved communication and understanding in relationships.

Amazonite is also said to promote self-love and self-acceptance. It helps us get rid of negative self-perceptions and self-limiting beliefs and instead brings love and acceptance for ourselves. This is an important part of the spiritual journey as it opens the door to receiving love and prosperity from the universe.

Another remarkable property of amazonite is its ability to create a connection with the power of nature. It connects us to the elements of water and earth, bringing us closer to the natural world and its healing energy. Many who work with amazonite feel more grounded and calm in nature and experience a strengthened connection to Mother Earth.

When it comes to chakras, amazonite is particularly related to the heart and throat chakras. The heart chakra represents love and compassion, and amazonite helps open this chakra to create a deeper connection with others. The throat chakra is the center of communication and self-expression, and amazonite helps to balance this chakra so that we can express our feelings and thoughts clearly and honestly.

Amazonite, with its gentle blue-green beauty, brings with it messages of heart opening, honesty and connection to nature. It is a crystal that helps us create harmony in our lives and connect us to our own heart and the deeper wisdom of the soul. Through amazonite we can learn to express ourselves honestly, love ourselves unconditionally and create a deeper connection to the natural world around us.

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1-3 cm


Heart, Throat


Full moon, selenite, smokiness, a few hours in the sunlight



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