Moonstone Rainbow Bracelet (Small Size)

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This bracelet is slightly smaller in size, so it is perfect if you have slightly smaller wrists or the bracelet can be used for children. The bracelet measures 16 cm, and is therefore slightly smaller than the normal 18-20 cm.

The moonstone rainbow crystal is said to bring out your feminine goddess energy and helps you balance both the masculine and feminine energy that all people hold and is so important to us to create balance. It nurtures your soul and has a very powerful vibration that raises your spiritual vibration.

Moonstone rainbow also works together with the energies of the moon, so if you are interested in the moon and its phases, this is just the bracelet for you.

For men, this stone will influence your brain and support you in becoming more emotionally balanced.

It attracts synchronicity and manifestation into your life. It will especially strengthen your clairvoyant abilities, help you to trust the universe and will awaken a deep joy and awareness in heart and soul.

It will heal you if you feel stressed, tense or hyperactive.

Produkt information


Moonstone Rainbow Bracelet (Small Size)


15 g.


16 cm.

Perle størrelse

6 mm.


Selenite, incense, moonlight

Zoey Adrianna med Taknemmelighedsdagbog

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