Nephrite Jade

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Nephrite jade, also known simply as nephrite, is a fascinating and valuable gemstone with a rich history and significant symbolic meanings. This stone has been admired and used for centuries for its unique properties and beauty.

Nephrite jade is known for its distinctive color that ranges from beautiful deep green to light green. It is a dense crystal that often occurs in the form of small sculptural figures, jewelry, and polished stones. Nephrite jade is a type of jadeite, one of the two main categories of jade, the other being jadeite. This gemstone is known for its physical strength and durability. It has a hardness that makes it suitable for carving and sculpture, and it has a silky luster that makes it a sought-after jewel.

Nephrite jade is considered in some spiritual circles to have a calming and protective energy. It is believed to promote inner peace, harmony and balance. Many use jade for meditation to connect with its calming energy and promote spiritual growth.

In addition, some believe that nephrite jade may have physical healing properties, particularly in relation to the kidneys and cardiovascular system. It is also considered to relieve stress and promote emotional stability.

All stones and crystals are unique and therefore there may be differences in size, shape and appearance. They have all been carefully selected.

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Nephrite Jade






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