Rethinking New Year's resolutions - How do we create lasting changes in our lives

Nytænkning af nytårsfortsæt - Hvordan skaber vi vedvarende forandringer i vores liv

In episode #26, I look at the mistakes we most often make when we decide to set New Year's resolutions. The New Year is often a time for reflection, where we consider how we can improve ourselves and our lives, what dreams and goals we want to achieve. But why do our New Year's resolutions often turn into short-term goals that quickly fade away? How can we change our approach and create changes that last?

In this episode, I want to explore the rethinking of New Year's resolutions - not as temporary resolutions, but as a deeper journey towards sustained transformation and growth. And I will come up with some ideas for some more sustainable, durable and spiritual New Year's resolutions that we can set instead.

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