Insight - Tourmaline necklace

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Insight and clarity

Elegant and fine tourmaline necklace plated with 14 carat gold, perfect for those who want to carry the crystal's energy of insight, clarity and calm.

The pink/pink tourmaline is wonderful when it comes to manifesting love, and the black is beautiful and useful for blocking out negative and heavy energy. Use the bracelet to kick start your love life and at the same time achieve the natural protection from tourmaline. Tourmaline provides insight, mental clarity and belief in yourself when it comes to love.

Tourmaline crystals are known for their beautiful colors that range from pink to deep red, green, blue and black. Tourmaline is a beryllium silicate mineral found in many different places around the world, but it is especially common in Brazil and Africa. Tourmaline crystals are also very popular due to their unique ability to generate electricity when squeezed or heated. This property makes them a favored stone in technology and industry.

Tourmaline crystals are also highly valued in healing and meditation as they are said to have a positive effect on the chakra system and can help balance and cleanse the aura. Whether you are interested in their beauty, their history or their unique properties, tourmaline crystals are a fascinating and valuable addition to any collection.

Chain: 48 cm + 5 cm closure

The crystals: 5 cm x 0.5-1 cm.

The jewelery should not be exposed to water, as this reduces the lifespan of the jewellery. If you want to cleanse the jewelry, it can be done with intention, and with incense such as palo santo, sage or common incense, or by placing the jewelry in sunshine or moonlight.

The chains are handmade and all crystals are unique. Therefore, no chains are exactly the same or 'perfect', just like no crystals are out in nature.