Pande chakra (tredje øje) - Ajna Chakra

Zoey Adrianna

Forehead chakra (third eye) - Ajna Chakra

The Forehead Chakra, also known as the Third Eye and with the Sanskrit name Ajna, meaning "to know" or "to command", is the sixth chakra located between the eyebrows. This chakra represents our intuition, wisdom, and insight and is essential for our sixth sense and inner clairvoyance.

Meaning and Intuitive Connection:

The Ajna Chakra is central to our ability to sense direction in life and develop our inner wisdom and intelligence. It helps to look deeper into ourselves and gain a higher understanding of our lives and our place in the world.

The color of the forehead chakra

The chakra is associated with the color violet or indigo. Integrating these colors into your everyday life can support the chakra's energy.

Balance in the forehead chakra:

When the forehead chakra is in balance, we experience a clear understanding of our life direction and a strong sense of intuition and insight. We can make decisions based on a deep inner knowing and feel connected to a greater consciousness.

Imbalance in the forehead chakra:

Imbalance in this chakra can manifest as confusion, lack of clarity in thoughts and decisions, and difficulty trusting one's intuition. It can also lead to an overwhelming feeling of being unclear or losing track of your own life.

The Forehead Chakra represents our intuition, wisdom and insight and is essential for our sixth sense and inner clairvoyance.

Crystals and the forehead chakra

The above crystals are often used to support and balance the forehead chakra. The use of a bracelet with selected crystals can be an easy and stylish way to integrate the chakra's energy into daily life.

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