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Jewelery crystals - only 2 in stock

A beautiful box containing a variety of crystals, ideal for those who wish to attract increased harmony, happiness and balance into your life. Harness the energy and beauty of the beautiful crystals by placing them around your home or carry them in your bag, pocket or under your pillow.


Amethyst is a crystal that has been used throughout history for its soothing and healing properties, and is an absolute must have crystal.

As an energy tool, it works extremely well when you experience being in a state of turmoil or feeling stressed. The high, spiritual vibrations are said to soothe and heal, and you will experience a greater belief in yourself, a strengthened motivation, a higher self-confidence. Perfect for helping kick various addictions at the door


Lemurian Quartz allows you to move both forward and backward in time. It allows you to see through the veil of the present and perceive the truth independent of time and place. The crystal opens the door to the universal wisdom and the wisdom you have accumulated over all your lives, and it opens you to the spiritual insights that you will carry with you in this life. This is a potent crystal for manifestation.

Lemurian Quartz works to heal psychological trauma and dissolve energy blockages.


Pyrite is a unique stone that helps with manifestation, confidence & prosperity. Pyrite is also called "fool's gold" as it was often mistaken for real gold by aspiring gold diggers.

As an energy tool, Pyrite will fill you with strength, success, robustness and self-confidence and be a good help on your further path forward.

Pyrite is a strong stone. It is really good to place in areas where you work, as it strengthens your own belief in yourself and your projects. Thereby it supports you in the work process, and in manifesting what you are working for.


Black Obsidian is a grounding stone that creates an instant connection to the root chakra, right down to its core. It assists in cleaning and removing negative energy in rooms and various environments. It also helps release emotions and reactions that generate negative energy, such as anger, jealousy, greed and more.


Tourmaline is particularly prominent for its ability to influence radiation and is therefore often, in the same way as rose quartz, used for shielding against electrical radiation. In addition to this, tourmaline is traditionally associated with the importance of creating balance in the nervous system, lymphatic system and blood circulation.

Tiger's Eye:

The crystal promotes individual strength, clarity, sense of security, speed and mental clarity. It brings the truth to the fore and assists in taking action and learning from personal mistakes. The crystal supports concentration and focus, making it effective against challenges with learning.


The meaning of Amazonite. Amazonite promotes harmony, inner peace and balance. This stone is especially beneficial for those who want to improve their ability to express their truth clearly. Amazonite is also a suitable companion if you find that certain aspects of your life are not developing as you originally wanted.

Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz represents universal love in crystal form. It restores trust and harmony in relationships and promotes unconditional love. Through its action, rose quartz cleanses and opens the heart on all levels, strengthening love, self-care, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of inner peace.

The package contains:

Raw Quartz Lemurian - 1 pc.
Raw rose quartz - 1 pc.
Raw Obsidian - 1 pc.
Amethyst - 1 pc.
Raw Amazonite - 1 pc.
Black tourmaline - 1 pc.
Pyrite - 1 pc.
Raw Tiger Eye - 1 pc.

All boxes and crystals are unique and made of natural material. Therefore, they vary in size, color and appearance. Comes in a nice black box.

Produkt information


Crystal box


400 g.


24 x 12cm



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