Tarotkort for begyndere

Zoey Adrianna

Tarot cards for beginners

Tarot cards are a fascinating and profound way to gain insight and guidance in your life. These cards, rich in symbols and historical images, open doors to a world of intuition and self-discovery. In what follows, I will explore what tarot cards are and how they can enrich your personal spiritual journey.

Tarot cards are an ideal entry into the spiritual world for beginners as they offer a direct connection to the universal themes and archetypes that exist within all of us. Although tarot cards may seem more complex than angel cards , their richness of symbolism and depth is a source of infinite wisdom and insight.

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What are tarot cards?

Tarot cards are a collection of typically 78 cards, used to connect with the spiritual and offer insight. They are used both to predict future events and to explore solutions to questions or problems. The cards are divided into two primary categories: the major and minor arcana.

The historical background of the Tarot cards

The history of the Tarot cards is as colorful and multifaceted as the cards themselves. Originally, tarot cards originated in 15th century Europe, probably in Northern Italy, as a form of playing cards. It was not until the 18th century that the tarot cards began to be used for divination and spiritual guidance, a practice that has evolved and grown stronger over the centuries.

Zoey Adrianna's Approach to Tarot Cards

My own journey with tarot cards began as a search for deeper self-understanding and a way to connect with the universal wisdom hidden within us all. With each card draw, each reading, I have found a source of inspiration, a guide that has helped me navigate life's challenges and opportunities.

In my practice, I use the tarot cards not only to predict the future, but as a tool for reflection and self-insight. Each card opens a door to understanding, offers tn new perspective on our life situations, and helps us see the hidden threads that tie our choices and experiences together.

Rider-Waite tarotkort - den originale

Choose your first deck of tarot cards

Choosing your first tarot deck is an important step on your spiritual journey. The right set should not only appeal to you visually, but also resonate with your intuition and personal energy.

  • Personal and intuitive connection : Choose a set that speaks directly to your heart. It has to feel right and personal to you.
  • Explore the imagery of the cards : Look at the images and symbols of the cards. Are you drawn to the colors and art? Can you sense the meaning of the cards?

Recommendation from Zoey Adrianna:

Rider Waite - Practical Tarot Set : This classic set is great for beginners as its symbols are profound but still easy to interpret. Also, they are said to be among the original tarot cards. If you are more experienced, I recommend Rider-Waite tarot cards .

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Tarot cards are an ideal entry into the spiritual world for beginners as they offer a direct connection to the universal themes and archetypes that exist within all of us.

Step-by-step guide to tarot card reading

  1. Choose a deck of tarot cards that speaks to you : Choose a deck that feels personal and inspirational to you. But you don't have to worry if you now choose the 'right' ones. Because in the spiritual world, there is no right or wrong. But choose what feels right for you.
  2. Learn the meanings of the cards : Become familiar with the meanings of the cards. You can do this by reading the accompanying guide book or looking up the meanings online.
  3. Determine your intention for the reading : What do you hope to get out of the reading? Do you have a specific question or are you looking for guidance on a specific topic?
  4. Shuffle the cards and focus on your question or intention : While shuffling the cards, you can ask the tarot for insight or guidance on a specific topic, or you can request a general reading.
  5. Spread the cards: There are many different ways to lay out the cards, each with its own unique arrangement and interpretation. Some common methods include the three-card spread, the Celtic cross, and the five-card spread.
  6. Interpret the Cards : Consider the meaning of each card as well as its position in the spread. Pay attention to any patterns or symbols that stand out. Turns the card 'upside down' or the right way. Use your intuition when interpreting the cards as well.
  7. Reflect on the reading : Take some time to think about what the cards are trying to tell you. How do they relate to your question or intention? What insights or guidance do they offer?
Rider-Waite tarotkort - den originale

How to cleanse your tarot cards

  • Using incense : Light an incense stick of dried rosemary, lavender, cedar wood, sage or palo santo . Keep the smoke in a safe place under the cards so that the smoke drifts upwards and envelops them. Turn the cards over so that all sides are affected by the smoke.
  • Use selenite : I prefer to let a selenite crystal (or black tourmaline or clear quartz ) rest on the cards overnight.
  • Use your intuition : Hold the cards in your hands and imagine that you are cleansing the cards with white, clear energy. You can imagine a light surrounding the cards.
Zoey Adrianna

My best advice on tarot cards for you as a beginner

  • Start quietly : Start with simple questions and draw only a few cards at a time. This will help you understand the meaning of each card more deeply.
  • Practice often : The more you use the tarot cards, the stronger your connection to them becomes. Regular practice opens up deeper insight and understanding.
  • Listen to your intuition : Trust your first impressions of the cards. Your intuition is a powerful guide in tarot card reading.
  • Document your experiences : Write down your readings and insights. This is not only a great way to track your progress, but also a way to integrate tarot card reading into your daily reflection and personal growth. Feel free to use my gratitude journal as a tool to record your thoughts and experiences, which can enrich your spiritual journey.