Archangel Power Tarot By Radleigh Valentine - angel tarot cards

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By Radleigh Valentine.

Get answers and motivation. It's not always enough to get an answer - you also need motivation to take the necessary steps. With this beautiful card set, you can gain the confidence to introduce positive changes in your life. A modern tarot set with beautiful and inspiring words and images.
For sensitive people who need encouragement to put divine insights into action.

The set is perfect for all types of questions as it covers all areas and ranges widely. Therefore, you can use this card for large and small readings, as well as ask all types of answers and get clear and concrete answers.

A fantastic 'all around' set for you who would like a set that can be used in all contexts and for all questions, subjects and areas.

Number of cards: 78.
Number of pages in guidebook: 194.

Both the text on the maps themselves and in the guidebook are in Danish.