Englekort for begyndere

Zoey Adrianna

Angel cards for beginners

Angel cards are a beautiful and spiritual way to gain deeper insight and guidance in your life. These cards, often adorned with inspirational images and messages, are a tool for intuition and self-reflection. In the following I will explore what angel cards are and how they can enrich your personal spiritual journey.

Angel cards are a good place to start for beginners, as they require less knowledge of symbols and theory than is usually needed to read tarot cards .

What are angel cards?

Angel cards typically make up a set of 44 or 78 cards, and although they are based on some of the same principles as tarot cards, they differ in motif choice, messages and their general structure. There are countless variations of these cards, ranging from different images, designs and themes.

Zoey Adrianna's approach to angel cards

My approach to angel cards is deeply rooted in care, understanding, and the desire to bring clarity and peace into your life. Let's start this journey together and discover how angel cards can open new avenues of insight and personal growth.

Which angel cards should I choose?

When choosing your first set of angel cards, consider which path you want to take:

  • Romance : Card designed to guide in love life.
  • Contact to the deceased : Card to connect with deceased loved ones.
  • Healing : Briefly focused on personal and spiritual healing.
  • Spiritual Growth : Maps to support your spiritual development.
  • Angel Tarot : A fusion of angel cards and tarot principles.
  • Find Your Guardian Angel : Card to discover your guardian angel.
  • The Wisdom of Nature : Cards that connect you with the forces of nature.
Englene Svarer af Radleigh Valentine - englekort

How to use angel cards?

There are several different ways to use angel cards, from the simple method where you draw the top card from the stack, to the more complex Celtic card, which involves drawing and placing 10 cards in a certain way.

An easy approach that anyone can use, even without formal training or courses, is to focus on the question you want answered, shuffle the cards while keeping the question in mind, and draw either the top card or the cards that spontaneously appear from the pile. You can also mix and choose what you are drawn to. There is no right or wrong way to do it. The law of attraction will probably make sure that the card you need comes to you.

When drawing cards, it is crucial to trust your intuition and notice. That way you get the most concrete and precise messages. Try drawing an angel card yourself for free.

Angel cards are a beautiful and spiritual way to gain deeper insight and guidance in your life.
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Step-by-Step Guide to Angel Card Reading

  1. Preparation : Create a calm environment where you can focus.
  2. Clean your cards : Use your preferred method to clean the cards.
  3. Formulate your question : Be clear and specific in your intent.
  4. Draw the cards : Follow your intuition when choosing cards. Choose the top or the card(s) that now appear from the deck.
  5. Interpretation : Read and reflect on the cards' messages.
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How to clear your angel cards

To cleanse your angel cards, you can use various techniques, all of which focus on removing unwanted energy and restoring a clean connection between you and the cards.

  • Shuffle : Shuffle the cards with a focus on clearing them. It is possible to think your angel cards clean.
  • Sunlight : Place the cards in sunlight. Make sure all the cards are touched by the sun's purifying rays.
  • Feel the energy : Feel the energy of the cards and direct it towards pure intentions. Label the cards one by one.
  • Crystals : Use crystals to clear the maps. I often recommend using selenite because of its cleansing properties.
  • Prayer : Hold the cards in your hands and ask for purity to your god, guide or guardian angel.
Zoey Adrianna

My best advice about angel cards for you as a beginner

  • Start slow : Start with simple questions and draw a few cards.
  • Practice regularly : Regular use improves your connection to the cards.
  • Trust your intuition : Your first impression of the cards is often the most accurate.
  • Record your experiences: Write down what the cards tell you to track your progress. This can be usefully used in parallel with my gratitude journal as a tool to document your thoughts and insights, which can help you reflect on your spiritual journey.
Skriftlig clairvoyance

Obtain personal answers through an individual angel card reading

If you are curious about more personal guidance in angel card reading, I - Zoey Adrianna - offer personal angel card readings .

These sessions offer you a unique opportunity to receive tailored messages and insights to support you on your spiritual journey.

With my experience and intuition, you can expect a reading that is not only informative, but also deeply personal.

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