Podcast: Stand by yourself and your spirituality

Podcast: Stå ved dig selv og din spiritualitet

Some time ago I was lucky enough to be part of the wonderful and loving Cathrin Jensen's podcast 'Hverdags magi' .

Cathrin and I met in my office, where we had an interesting and honest talk about spirituality , intuition and not least my own spiritual journey, which, among other things, concerns daring to stand up for myself, my profession as a clairvoyant and what I believe in - which has always not been straightforward or easy.

So if you are a bit curious to know more about intuition, what clairvoyance really is and would you like some tips on how you can stand stronger in yourself, then this podcast is just for you!

If you would like to listen along, you can do so right here

And if you don't already know Cathrin, I highly recommend following her or participating in one of her many exciting events. Cathrin is a very magical soul who holds women's circles, does healing and much more.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of 'Hverdags magi', it was definitely magical.

Love & light,
Zoey Adrianna

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