To be true to oneself

At være tro mod sig selv

Have you ever made a choice or done something that you knew deep down wasn't right for you? I think we all have that at one point or another and common to all these experiences is that basically it just doesn't feel very nice.

Being true to yourself often requires great courage and it also requires a trust in yourself and life. It takes a lot of courage because sometimes when we make a choice, others around us have their opinions about it. And there is certainly nothing wrong with hearing other people's opinions, but it is important that we learn to listen to other people's opinions, but that we make our own decision .

And it also requires trust in oneself and not least in life and the universe, because often we can sense if something feels right or wrong, but it is not always that we can see how things will work out or how a given situation will unfold. So that's why it's important that we dare to trust our gut feeling, listen to it, make the choice that's right for us, because we need to know that the universe undoubtedly has our back - and no matter what happens, we'll probably stay the grip if we fall.

I personally had an experience last week where I was met with a lot of resistance when I stood up for myself and my decision. I must promise that I was opposed by my counterpart and even though it was difficult for me to be in, I stood by my gut feeling and I was true to myself - and it paid off.

It is so important that we as individuals dare to stand by who we are and stand up for what is important to us. No one but ourselves can live our lives and our reality. So if something feels either right or wrong, then we must honor ourselves and our intuition by listening and noticing - and making the choice that feels best in our hearts - regardless of what others may think!

Tips for being true to yourself:

  • Be who you are and be proud of it
  • Listen to your inner voice, instead of someone else's
  • Stand up for yourself and what you believe in
  • Practice trusting your intuition

Practice makes perfect and there is certainly no one who expects us to be able to do it all at once. But the more we practice listening to our own intuition, our own voice and the more we practice standing up for what we feel is right, the better - because the more true we are to ourselves and our own inner voice!

Love & light,

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