What is spirituality?

Hvad er spiritualitet?

What is spirituality?

There are many different explanations and opinions about what spirituality actually is... For me, spirituality is about connecting oneself with the spiritual part of life, that which we cannot necessarily see with the naked eye or feel with our hands. But also what we can feel and feel, and see with our inner gaze. For me, it is also about using the intuition that we are all born with as our guide through life.

The funny thing is that when we start listening to our own intuition - our inner voice - we can suddenly feel a sense of inner peace, satisfaction and a certainty that by listening to ourselves, we are being true to ourselves and what feels right for ourselves – not for everyone else or society's rules and norms.

I have written a guide for a more spiritual and balanced everyday life - 82 pages with all my tips and tricks for a more spiritual everyday life. It touches on all the aspects that we often forget to focus on, but which make our lives so much easier, more balanced and spiritual.

What can you do yourself to live a more spiritual life?

  • Meditate
  • Understand and accept that everything is energy. What we send out, we get back
  • Spend time on what makes you happy and gives you life, ease and happiness

But what is spirituality all about for you? For some it is drawing angel cards , having one's hands read, practicing yoga, showing gratitude and humanity - for others it is something completely different.

It is very different what each of us people associate with spirituality. But the most important thing is not so much the definition of spirituality, but more what we ourselves do with it and that we include it as an important part of our life and everyday life - because it helps to bring more balance, joy and meaning.

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Love & light

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